A Vintage Tea Party

Consideration provided by Hallmark at Walgreens.


I believe in the importance of returning the everyday kindness that is reflected my way. Gratitude is such a powerful thing, isn’t it? And there are always opportunities to positively impact the shape of someone’s day. Through a language barrier and a significant age gap, I’m lucky to have the sort of neighbor who intuitively knows when I’m stretched and frazzled.  She subtly responds by picking up a piece of chalk to join my kids in their sidewalk masterpieces – or she’ll appear with a watering can to enlist little one’s help in her garden.  With just a simple look I feel her support – and I too hope that she feels mine.


Over the years we’ve surprised our lovely friend with small gestures on her summer birthday. Drawings from the kids or her favorite green tea cake from the Japanese market brings such a beautiful light to her eyes.  Something as simple as a card from our local drug store and flowers from the market can have such a big impact, without making our gracious and humble recipient feel uncomfortable.


While picking up medicine for my little guy at Walgreens over the weekend, I found an ornately decorated Hallmark Signature card in the shape of a purse.  Instead of tucking the card into the accompanying envelope, wrapping it around flowers created what felt like an instant piece of art.


Throw in the family’s vintage demitasse set for birthday tea and macaroons and we had a proper little celebration wrapped in thoughtful words (with help from Hallmark), hopefully conveying just how much we care.

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