The Valentine’s Day Card

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the philosophy that good things should be repeated.  That awesome crock-pot meal should, in fact, be replicated over and over again (but not so many times that the household grows sick of it).

Luckily for me, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. And these 3D-kid-holding-lollipop Valentine’s day cards have been a huge hit ever since I discovered them on Pinterest several years ago.  I wish I knew the source (you are brilliant!), but sadly, I don’t.

Simply take a photo of your kid holding their arm in the air. If you can position said arm in front of their bodies – it will give the card a nice 3D effect.  I added all the fun fancy hearts and love notes in Pic Monkey.  The printing was done at my local drug store.

DIY lollypop Valentine's Day cardSnazzy up your kiddos in fun clothes!  I didn’t have anything special for Adrian, so I removed the Target heart garland from the mantel and placed it around his neck like a lei.  Take that boring white T-shirt!  This is my little guy’s first year at school, and his first year giving out Valentine’s day cards.  Naturally I’m swooning over his hubba hubba look.  Lucia’s adorable sweatshirt is c/o RUUM, and she wanted to get in on the lei action as well.

Simply use a hole punch (or exacto knife)  to create two holes and insert a lollipop.

clever DIY Valentine's day cards

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!