The Steps They Follow || Sunday Swoon

It’s natural for children to want to emulate their parents.  The little guy wants to be a builder just like his dada.  While the big girl’s many aspirations include being a writer alongside mama.  It’s endearing to catch the kids step into our shoes as they traipse all over the house, play-acting their grown-up roles.  Their hearts desires and little games serve as a reminder of the incredible responsibility we hold as parents.

We must choose our own steps so carefully and soundly because two sets of little feet are trailing right behind us.

photo 2(21)

The kiddos were recently sent shoes from UmiQuiltee B II boots for the big girl and Moabb B for our sweet boy – comprised of umi-tex water-resistant, breathable materials.  My husband and I thought that they looked like little versions of shoes that we would select for ourselves, in the most child appropriate ways.  We also marveled in how GROWN UP the kids both look in their sophisticated footwear.

photo 3(9)

We’re keen on savoring their little-hood for a lot longer.

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And are pleased that their new polished kicks will take them through the serious work of childhood.  Because puddle jumping, snow ball making and hill rolling are of the utmost importance.

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