The First Lost Tooth

I remember when Lucia’s first tooth cut through her tender baby gums, three days after she turned six months old.   When that little tooth fell out, days before she began the first grade, the milestone felt monumental.first lost tooth

It was a highly anticipated event for my little big girl, from the moment she screamed “I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH” during our book reading session, to when I placed her in front of a mirror before she pulled out the dangling tooth.  To be honest, I felt unsure of the modern-day-tooth-fairy process, so I asked social media, what’s the going rate for the tooth fairy?  Although I had recently read about tooth fairy inflation, I wanted to hear what my experienced circles suggested.  According to my friends, the going rate for the tooth fairy is averaging around $5.  The tooth fairy is also pretty creativity and sometimes dispenses tiny notes signed with her personalized tooth fairy name.  She has even become media savvy  – her tooth fairy website answers a plethora of tooth related questions for  inquisitive little minds.

The fairy that visited our house ultimately bestowed Lucia with $3 (a two dollar bill and one dollar coin) a tiny handwritten note in beautiful script (Bob of course) from a  tooth fairy named Toothicita.  I also made Lucia an impromptu little tooth fairy pillow from pretty Japanese Mermaid fabric from my stash and white felt to form a tooth shaped pocket.

tooth fairy pillow

Lucia has since lost her second bottom tooth, a clear indicator that my baby girl is truly growing up.