Honoring Dad + Target Giveaway

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Special Delivery,” he said, as he wheeled our newborn baby, tucked into her tiny plastic hospital bassinet into my room, after a quick first visit to the nursery.  I’ll never forget the intonation in his voice when he picked her up, calling her “my sweetie“, or when he got me through the natural birth of our son with his incredible hip-squeezing technique. When I need him the most, he is my rock. And the children adore his playful nature – even if it drives me bananas when he gets the party started at the kiddos bedtime.

We’re coming up on ten (yes ten!) years of marriage this month.  It’s hard to believe, but in many ways, it feels like he’s been a part of me forever.  This month is very much about honoring the amazing dad and husband that he is.  We can’t wait for Father’s Day!

Sin Traduccion Target Gift CardDual Control 75″ Sport Kite // Merona Men’s Fleece Hoodie // Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Knit Shorts c/o Target

When I was invited to partner with Target again, this time in celebration of Dad, for their new #SinTraducción campaign – I knew that it was a perfect fit.  Anyone like me, who grew up with a parent (or parents) from a Spanish-speaking country may understand the frustration in words that simply have no direct Spanish to English translation. I’m seriously sorry mom, for all of those times I stubbornly insisted BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!

Target Kite

Aligned with the campaign, we’re planning on filling our amazing man up with apapachos the whole month long.  I always pick up basics for him in Target’s men’s section.  This time around I think that he was most excited about the real kite, with double handles, unlike the dollar-store varieties that the kiddos are accustomed to.

Target Gift Card Giveaway Sin Traduccion

He couldn’t wait to take it (estrene) out with the kids on the day that it arrived.  Even in less than ideal conditions.  We’ve absolutely got a super big kid on our hands, and I hope that he always stays that way.


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Motherhood and Migraines {Target Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Target.

The birth of my first child, six-years ago, opened up a new-found sense of immense overwhelming love – a love that mere words will forever fail to accurately describe.  A love for little ones who continually prove to be passion and purpose personified.

Motherhood also brought something unexpected: severely debilitating and life disrupting migraines.  Migraines that force me to retreat into a dark bedroom for days, with severe nausea and extreme sensitivity to the slightest noise, scent, light or movement.  It’s not something that I’m thrilled to broadcast – but is a condition that has colored my world and affected my family for the past six years.  It is also something that has given me profound appreciation and gratitude for my numerous healthy days.

I was reluctant to take prescription drugs for the first few years.  I nursed both babies well into toddler-hood, and I suppose I believed that my migraines would begin to disappear or would resolve with natural remedies.  I’ll never forget the first time I tried prescription migraine medication.  It was the morning of my daughter’s Pre-K Christmas performance – an event that I would be devastated to miss.  Upon taking the medication, I actually felt the migraine melt away.  Although I wasn’t myself, I was able to be present at that incredibly important preschool milestone.

I’m happy to share that my migraine frequency has decreased considerably during the colder months for the past two years.  A victory that I’m incredibly grateful for! When needed, and if taken at the correct time, specific medicine (albeit not so great side effects) has proven to be my saving grace.

When I was invited to work with Target Pharmacy, I realized that filling a prescription outside a local drug store never even occurred to me.  My kiddos strongly dislike waiting in line at our small, congested drug store pharmacy.

However they LOVE going to Target.

target 1Target geeky glasses obtained at this fun Target event!

We make our way to Target about once a month, to stock up on household essentials and other supplies.  It’s an outing that the whole family enjoys.

target 2

Stopping at the pharmacy isn’t so bad when the promise of scoping out the latest toys awaits.  And it’s incredibly convenient to receive a pharmacy text-message notifying me that my prescription has filled.

target 3

Switching to Target pharmacy has actually streamlined our routine and made our monthly trip an efficient one-stop stock up.  I can’t wait to enjoy 5% of an entire day of Target shopping after my fifth prescription fills.

I’m continuing to celebrate the numerous healthy days with these two love-sponges!

target pharmacy

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This post is sponsored by Target.  As always, all opinions are my own.