Sharing a Sweet Future || Food Security in Bolivia with Truvia

This post is sponsored by Truvia via One2One Network.  Opinions, as always are my own.

The kids went back-to-school this week, and I carefully packaged each compartment of two stainless steel lunch containers with proportioned amounts of healthy variety that I had been thinking about for quite some time.  I found myself worrying about my son’s super early lunch time until a partnership with Truvia came along.  It opened my eyes to chronic malnutrition and the astounding amounts of food insecure households in Bolivia, one of Latin America’s poorest countries.  I  couldn’t wait to work with a company anchored in social goodness, and determination to help feed Bolivian school children while establishing self-sufficiency within the community.

In Bolivia, an astounding 40 percent of the population are unable to secure adequate food for a healthy life and a whooping 65 percent of all rural households can’t meet the minimum recommended caloric intake.  That’s why Truvia recently announced it’s “Sharing a Sweet Future” initiative in collaboration with The World Food Program USA, which will help to feed 49,705 Bolivian schoolchildren in the first two years of a three-year partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme.

Truvia #SweetFuture

Nutrition, safety, environmental sustainability and education have already been improved through Truvia’s provision of 97 metric tons of vitamin-fortified vegetable oil and 125 fuel-efficient stoves in rural schools – with training provided to over 750 parents and school employees.  These stoves replaced dangerous traditional stoves and require substantially less fuel while reducing harmful smoke.

Truvia Bolivia #SweetFuture

Help raise awareness for this amazing initiative by visiting, and share videos of Bolivian families with the hashtag #SweetFuture on social media.  Also help Truvia’s continual corporate responsibility program’s future organizational partnerships by viewing and voting for charitable partners.  I would love to see the momentum continue with a partnership with Feed the Children one of the largest charitable organizations in the U.S. rooted in providing hope and resources for those without life’s essentials.