Success Is Calling

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In many ways, in today’s society, our cell phones are our digital lifelines. They connect us to the people we love and help piece together the important details of our lives.

My introduction to TracFone happened by accident. I had just moved my father into an assisted living facility, rushed to pick up a few supplies for him at a local Walmart and stumbled across the TracFone section.  I found just what I needed in an inexpensive TracFone cell phone that I could monitor online and refill with minutes from my computer.  And if my dad misplaced his phone (which he did), I didn’t have to worry about a hefty price tag in a replacement phone.  At a time when our family cell phone carrier couldn’t offer us a reasonable solution, despite an impending move to hospice care, TracFone provided what no other carrier could do.  After this positive experience with TracFone, I’ll turn to them again when the kids need their first cell phones.


At the time, I wasn’t aware of TracFone’s partnership with Dress For Success via their Success Is Calling program. I had no idea that the purchases I would make could help to create an opportunity for women in need of work. Just last year, Success is Calling positively impacted the lives of 600 women in 30 cities! Over 50% of the program graduates secured employment.  We recently shared glimpses of personal stories from three women, echoing the ways in which Success is Calling has transformed lives – you can view their powerful testimonials here.


Get involved by thinking about how purchases can empower. This month when you visit a Walmart store or online retailer to buy a TracFone, 20% of sales (up to $525,000) will be donated to Dress for Success. In addition to the training, support and guidance women receive through Success is Calling, participants also receive a TracFone smartphone and one year of cell phone service.  Job-seeking women and employed women needing to elevate their career path must be empowered to be connected to the world around them in this information-rich day and age.  Thank you to TracFone for providing these digital lifelines and so much more.


On Female Empowerment: Success is Calling

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There have been a few times in my career when I’ve been disappointed and disheartened with women in the workplace. But you know what outnumbers that? The strong women that I know who lift each other up, in that sort of fearless reciprocity that elevates everyone.



When I was invited by Audrey and Vera to learn about the ways in which TracFone empowers women via their Success is Calling partnership with Dress For Success, I couldn’t wait to learn about how the program works in supporting the economic independence of women.  In the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village, an intimate luncheon took place in the award-winning Annisa Restaurant, which happens to mean “women” in Arabic, and features a wine list with selections produced by female vintners and vineyard owners.  Our event hosts also thoughtfully employed women-owned businesses in so many lovely details, including the flower arrangements. The idyllic setting set the stage for the powerful women who lent their voices in sharing their Success is Calling involvement.

Annisa-Restaurant-NYCDress-For-Success-TracFoneEvent-0188Sucess is Calling event with TracFone and Dress for Success

We first heard from Amy Tashjian, the Senior Director of Worldwide Programs at Dress for Success.  She introduced the beautiful synergy of the TracFone and Dress for Success partnership, and Success is Calling’s commitment to moving women’s economic empowerment forward.  Through the financial support of TracFone, Success is Calling can empower women with the tools to make positive first impressions, conduct phone interviews and thrive and advance in the workplace.  Upon program completion, women are given a TracFone smartphone, for one year to aid in all areas of the employment process.


The heart of the discussion came from three women who flew across the country to share their life-changing stories with Success is Calling. The personal narratives told by Simone, ShaVaughn, and Fredericka gave us a first-hand glimpse of the program’s impact. Simone, felt her creative drive sink, and although she believed that she had solid interviewing skills, she learned what she was doing wrong and grew to see herself as an asset in the workplace.  ShaVaughn was determined to create a foundation for her baby daughter and described Success is Calling as a “utopia” and the “best thing that has ever happened” to her. She believes that she was given her voice and confidence back while learning how to translate her skills.  Fredericka, a single mom of four, described the program as a “great blessing” that prepared her for Skype-interviews and boosted her self-esteem.


I was moved by the stories of resilience and perseverance, and the program’s effect in helping women gain business confidence, interviewing skills, poise and secure employment.  The women painted a picture of being encouraged with dignity and respect, in a non-judgmental atmosphere commented to everyone’s advancement.  The sort of female-led program that I’m honored to partner with here.