Christmas Simmer Pot

After a long weekend of hosting Thanksgiving and enjoy visits from dear friends  – we couldn’t wait to begin preparations for Christmas.  We took a trip to our favorite tree farm and little ones have been busy adorning everything with handmade, sentimental trinkets.  We always enjoy welcoming the seasons in our home with stove top simmer pots – and love infusing the nostalgic scents of Christmas.

Christmas stove top simmer pot recipe

I’ve previously shared my my favorite spring and fall simmer pot recipes  – but there is something about this particular pot that transports me back to my mother’s kitchen.  There is nothing quite like the power of a scent.


Cranberries: 1 cup
Whole Cloves: 1.5 to 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon Sticks: 3 to 4
Orange Rinds: 1 orange
Rosemary: 4 small rosemary sprigs

Optional: a pinch of nutmeg or apple cider

Bring a small amount of water to boil in a small pot.  Add ingredients and continue boiling for a few minutes.  Lower heat to a simmer and add water as needed.

Cheers to the scents of Christmas friends!


How To Make Your Home Smell Divine

There is nothing like entering a naturally delicious smelling space.  Since birthing babies, I’ve been quite sensitive to artificial fragrances of any kind.  I definitely don’t miss my days of burning harmful artificially scented candles, or wearing mildly offensive perfume!  I do love a great combination of fruit peels and spices on my stove top and I’ve been experimenting with homemade stove top simmer pots for the past few years. During the winter time, a concoction of orange rinds, apple peels, cinnamon and sometimes a drop of vanilla or nutmeg makes my home smell like Christmas.  Spring has been recently welcomed in our home with various combinations based in lemon and rosemary.  I’ve recently switched from simmering on the stove top to the crock pot and it truly make my home smell divine.

how to make your home smell amazingHow to make your home smell good, stove top simmer potcrockpot simmer pot

Springtime Simmer Pot Recipe

A few sliced lemons
Fresh rosemary or jarred rosemary
A few drops of Vanilla
Two cinnamon sticks (optional)

Add the ingredients into a crock pot and fill about 2/3 with water.  Simmer on low and continue to add water as needed.   If using a saucepan, first bring water to a boil and then add ingredients.  Simmer on a low flame and add water as needed.  And don’t forget to experiment with other ingredients!

Cheers to Spring!