The School Lunch Box {Sponsored}

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When I began this blog, as a private space, I had a 7 month old baby and a little girl in nursery school.  I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately as subtle childhood changes accumulate into things that feel really big.  My babies have grown into vibrant little people, and I am now sending two kids off to school – nursery and first grade!  I still can’t believe it, but I’m happy that my children are learning a bit more about themselves without mama bird by their sides.

Two kiddos in school also means packing two lunch boxes and two snack packs every day.  Getting the kids to school on time without losing my cool can be a challenge, and  I’m trying to implement a plan to make mornings smoother. Preparing in the evenings and having simple on-the-go snacks is essential to maintaining peaceful mornings.

When my children open their Lunch boxes, I want them to feel a piece of comfort from home.   I also want them to eat the contents that I send them off with!  I understand the challenge of trying to prepare healthy and balanced varieties that my kids will actually want to consume.  As a busy mom, I need to have healthy options that are quick and easy to prepare.  Here’s a look inside our first week of lunch boxes:

lunch boxes for school

lunch box creative ideas

lunch box ideas

I’ve learned that my kids enjoy Bento style lunch boxes with an assortment of things to choose from.  The key is packing things tight – so there is no wiggle room. Baking cups work well as dividers, and fun cookie cutters and birthday party napkins add excitement.  I was recently introduced to Mott’s®. Snack & Go Applesauce pouches.  Lucia and Adrian love the taste and I appreciate the convenience of easily adding them to a lunch box.  My children like the natural and strawberry flavors and I’m OK with only 8 grams of sugar (and no added sugar) per pouch.  Lucia also LOVES juice, and I’ve learned that I need to negotiate with my big first grader.  An occasional juice box for veggies is a great negotiation.  Lucia was thrilled to see Mott’s®. 100% Apple Juice tucked into her lunch box – and I feel good knowing that she is getting an excellent source of vitamin C. 

Packed with a big bottle of water and a homemade love note so far so good!  What are some of your favorite lunchbox ideas?

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