Upcycled Underoos

Who remembers underoos?

upcycled underoos girls dress marino bambinos sewing

I proudly rocked them in the early 8o’s, and now Lucia P is too.

upcycled dress

I made this dress out of completely recycled materials.

sewing girls dress

The black knit skirt was made from a bathrobe that I wore while preggie with both kiddos.  The apron and ruffle sleeves were made from a skirt that I bought while living in Hawaii.  The over-sized pom-pom trim is from my mom’s vintage sewing box and the tank is straight out of the 80’s.  It is definitely stitched with memories.

upcycled girls dress

Lucia says “it’s awesome”, and insisted on styling it with my wonderbolt glasses.

underoos to girls dress

I wonder how much longer she will love my homemade creations for?

sewing girls dress (2)

It passed the twirl test. Phew.  I’m glad that I took the time to add a ruffle trim.

girls underoos dress

Love is walking hand in hand.

Love is Walking Hand In Hand Dress

And having this little peanut beside me.