One Hour Sewing – Fall Kids Clothes Week

I squeezed in one hour yesterday afternoon to sew something for my kiddos and participate in the fall edition of  kids clothes week.  I had high hopes of challenging myself this time around (I didn’t), but like every time I turn on my machine, I’m inspired to create more.  I will hopefully soon cut into some patterns and fabric that are sitting around.  Even when my machine collects dust, the ideas are always there.

Although, I’ll call this my lazy mama creation, it does remind me that something can be created in just one hour.  Lucia’s dress was made the same way that I made these dresses last spring (I’ve since fixed the hem!).   Adrian’s shirt was made by cutting out a triangle,  using seam-a-seam, and sewing a wide zig zag stitch along the border.  Good ol’ Mod Podge was used to create the headband and mask.  The awesome fabric is from Spoonflower.simple sewing matching childrens clothes black triangle fabric

Check out some amazing talent at and #kidsclothesweek on instagram – you won’t see any lazy mama creations over there!