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To school and back. On the subway.  After the play-date.  Just a few more blocks. You can do it kiddos!!!

We cover a ton of ground – whether we want to our not. Our lifestyle simply requires it.  Scooters have been the perfect transportation for kiddos that can’t handle a ton of walking but are forced to hustle.  Frigid temps are clearly on the way, and the kids will be scooting as long as it’s safe. I think we still have a bit of time until the sidewalks freeze over and I’m making sure that everyone is well bundled to handle the winter months.

We’ve been keeping little hands warm thanks to the ingenious folks at 7 A.M ENFANT.  Their Kids WarMMuffs™ are brilliantly insulated with ultra-protective heat-retention fibers and soft fleece lining. They efficiently trap in heat, and I’m pretty sure that they are equipped with some sort of anti-whine technology.

scooters mittens for scooters
I happen to love that the Kids WarMMuffs™ snugly attach to scooters with a secure velcro fastener.  Since they “live” on the scooters – it’s one less thing for me to remember – or have to search for – which can be a challenge if a mitten-eating monster resides in your home too.

7 am enfant warm muffs7am warm muffs

We’ve gone from baby to big-kid with 7 A.M. ENFANT.  Although I’m admittedly mourning the fact that I won’t be cocooning a stroller-strapped toddler in a 212 evolution this winter – I’m grateful that cold scoots are warmed up for my kids on the go.

mini kick scooters

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