The Morning Hustle

I have loved our fluid summer mornings.  The wake up brigade prances in with snuggles.  Our days begin and end with books.  Costumes are changed, smoothies are made, and open schedules allow for serious sibling play.

Mama is calm. Calm!!!


While we are welcoming changes in the next few weeks, I’m a bit sad about letting my baby birds go.  With characters to help build and values to instill, I truly cherish our full days together.  Children are sponges and little mirrors.  They are constantly reminding me to watch my own behavior – as mama bird still has a pretty powerful influence on the sorts of  things that take permanent residence in their hearts and minds.  For me, motherhood is a perpetual cycle of self-evaluation.  I’m imperfect, but I want to be their best example.

I want to avoid being the school-morning chaos cultivator and somehow build upon the momentum of our peaceful summer starts.  I’m honestly pretty terrified.  With little ones to send off to two different schools (on our feet!) and an earlier start time, I know I need to figure out a system that works.

I have a few things in mind..earlier bedtimes, nighttime preparation, detailed kiddo charts, and time for morning silliness.  I want to listen to Adrian’s descriptions of  his food morphing into animal shapes as he eats.  And I want my children to walk out the door holding my hand with smiles on their faces.  I don’t want to loose my cool, and pray that the morning manic stays far far away.

I’m open to suggestions!!  And it you ever need a dose of  gratitude, as I often do, please read this article.