On Summer Days and Cold Treats

“Is there school tomorrow?”, my little guy asks every single night when I tuck him into bed.  “No darling, It’s summer!” I reply. “Yay!” he declares before his sun-tired body drifts off to sleep.

I suppose we’re all highly aware of the fleeting nature of summer while enjoying the peace and harmony that our collective favorite season brings.  Our days are marked by daily visits to our local beach and the sweetest reconnection with seaside friends.  We’ve returned to the sprinkler playgrounds where the kids once teetered around as toddlers and took their first swing rides.  And the mountains of artwork, stacks of library books, and sidewalk chalk masterpieces reflect the sort of simple joys that childhood summers are built upon.

I am so very grateful for it all.

playing at the beach

Along with humid temps and salty air comes requests for cold treats (lots of them!). For many summers past, I could simply whip a frozen banana to fill the kids’ cravings.  Not anymore.  Their growing tastes are much more sophisticated and their standards a lot more ridged.

We recently tested out Ruby Rocket’s, healthy, low-sugar popsicles. Honestly, I didn’t think that the big girl would go for them after reading the box: “Veggie and Fruit Pops! No sugar added! Spinach ingredients? Come on mom!”


Both the kids gobbled them right up – with Rock-It Red, their agreed favorite and Galaxy Green, mine. I can’t tell you how excited I am about our new treat discovery.  Here’s what I love:

  • Non-GMO and 70% organic ingredients
  • Nothing artificial
  • Lowest amount of naturally occurring sugar (4-6 grams) of any Popsicle on the market
  • Probiotics
  • Yummy factor!

Ruby-Rocket's-Healthy-PopsicleRuby Rocket'sRuby-Rocket's-Popsicle

Most definitely a healthy treat the entire family can enjoy!  Check out the Ruby Rocket’s store locator to find a NYC store near you and enjoy this buy one, get one free coupon.

Wishing you all a beautiful summer!

This post is sponsored by Ruby Rocket’s via The Motherhood.  Thank you for reading.  Content and opinions, as always, my own.