Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treat Heart Pops

We’re in full fledged Valentine’s Day mode over here! This is the first year that both of my kiddos will officially celebrate Valentine’s Day at School.  Adrian is so excited about giving his friends “Valentimes” and has been sleeping with a card that he made me tucked under his pillow.  It truly makes a mama melt!

These heart shaped Rice Krispies Treats on sticks make for quick and fun festive goodies!  I like to use the Original Treats Recipe with added mini marshmallows for extra gooeyness.   We also added pink pearlized candy beads for color and a few pretty stick-on candy hearts.  The extras are of course optional but do give the treats that Valentinsey look.

ricke krisipies treats hearts pops on sticks

Simply cut the treats out with a heart-shaped cutter and perfect the shape by tapping into place with a butter knife if necessary.  Jam in a stick, add a few heart decorations and voila:

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Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!