The Project Nursery Shop

We’ve been visiting Project Nursery, the ultimate children’s design resource ever since LP was a wee-one.  Co-Founders, Melisa and Pam, truly are children’s design gurus and their thriving blog continues to provide incredible inspiration to 5 million parents and parents-to-be.

Naturally, we’re celebrated the launch of Project Nursery The Shop!  There you will find a brilliant curating of stunning products carefully handpicked by the PN team, reflecting design trends and inspiration from daily room/party contributions from the highly-engaged PN audience.


Shop Project Nursery

Through steadfast partnerships with artisans and manufacturers the Project Nursery shop is able to offer highly unique products.  We love the zero-VOC paint line to safely color baby’s walls and their beautiful lighting options including a sweet owl night lamp.  Among are favorites are the Beverly Dressers and the lovely party-selections including tassel garlands.  Have a look – I’m sure you’ll find something that you love!

Also, check out my contributions to the PN website – and if your kiddos are a bit older be sure to visit Project Junior.

Cheers to the new shop!