Why We’re Obsessed With Disney’s First Latina Princess: Elena Of Avalor

Giving young Disney fans the ability to see themselves in the media that they love is always a positive thing, and we’re thrilled that Disney has officially introduced their first Latina Princess; Princess Elena of Avalor.


Image via Disney Chanel.

Inspired by diverse Latina culture, this 16-year-old princess is strong, resilient, bold and funny; embodying the sort of princesa that I’m happy to have my eight-year-old daughter look up too.  I had the chance to learn all about her at the Disney SMMC conference and how her strong traits are perfectly aligned with Disney’s new Dream Big Princess campaign.  With her own books, animated TV series, and doll; Princess Elena of Avalor will also hold court at Walt Disney World Resort this August and at Disneyland Resort this fall.  We’re thrilled for all the young Disney fans who will now be able to see themselves as relevant, important and special – through the creation of Princess Elena.  What a great addition to Disney’s multicultural line-up of heroines!  Find out more about why we love Princess Elena and all that she stands for over on MODE.

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