Signs of Spring

Yesterday we trudged to school in a light snowfall and greeted the afternoon with a delightful trip to the playground.  Spring is finally coming and promising signs are everywhere.  The flower buds are starting to appear and the long awaited tossing of heavy winter attire may officially be upon us!  We’ve all been celebrating in our own little ways.  Adrian studies every single tiny bud on our walks home and Lucia has been digging into the depths of her closet and costume bins to adorn herself in special getups.  I’ve had a hankering for fresh flowers and different fruit peel/spice combinations in my stove-top simmer-pot.

photo(25) Kids sunglasses c/o Paxley // Adrian’s vest c/o Monster Republic // Lucia’s dress made by mama

The moms at the playground are smiling – a new season is clearly coming into place.

The kiddos are rockin’ cool shades from Paxley – the latest innovation in safe, comfortable and stylish infant and kids eyewear – designed in Cali and handcrafted in Italy.  They’ve proven to be completely flexible and durable and free of toxins including, BPA, lead paint, PVC, and phthalates among others.  Each pair comes with a head strap ensuring that little eyes will be protected with 100% UVA and UVB shatter resistant lenses. I absolutely believe in proper eye protection and have instructed the kiddos to always return their Paxley shades to mama for safe keeping.

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Wishing you all a beautiful Spring!