When Time Stands Still | Genine Esposito Photography

The photographs that hang on our walls tell stories.  Matted and framed and preserved behind glass are cherished vestiges of time that carry the ability to transport us back to fleeting moments.

With absolute clarity.

There’s the one of 11-day old baby AA – photographed when he still had that natural fetal curl.  His newly minted big sister looks down upon his tiny body, definitely uncertain about her new role.  I never imagined that our future-selves would laugh about the difficult sibling transition – or envision the incredible closeness that our children would so beautifully grow to have.

Investing in professional family photography sessions over the years is important to us – and this summer we discovered a true gem in the New York family photography arena: Genine Esposito Photography.

We met Genine and her partner in video – Dena, early one morning in Central Park.  The kids came barreling in from the subway on scooters, with backpacks full of trinkets and a typical park-day-agenda full of sprinklers, playgrounds and a possible trip to The MET.  I wasn’t sure how well the shoot would go. I don’t make the kids pose for photos, and they usually aren’t interested in doing so.

Genine and Dena wielded their magical weapons transforming our right now into beautiful works of art.

genine esposito photographer nyc

The kids current primary mode of transportation made it into the photographs.

nyc family photographer

As did the magical sibling bond that these two share.

Genine Espositonyc family photographer

Through their eyes, I see into their souls.

genine esposito family photography NYC Photographer

And the uniqueness that makes these little people who they are was captured so well.

From my precious boy’s smile when exuding true happiness.

genine esposito photo

To the way that our little-big-girl brings her beloved possessions to life.

genine esposito photo nyc photographer

The kids were at ease and had so much fun simply being themselves and I felt like I was hanging out with longtime friends.

For me, photography isn’t about perfect outfits and everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  It’s about telling our family story in ways that evoke the emotions that were felt in that very moment.  With the ability to take one’s breath away.

Genine and Dena accomplish this in the most natural way possible, with photos and a keepsake video that truly make time stand still.

Special thanks to Genine Esposito Photography for this hosted session and images. Book now and mention Marino Bambinos for a 10% discount.