Just Like Mama

Six is  just around the corner (SIX!).  Sometimes, I can’t even wrap my head around the pace at which our babies grow.  There is so much joy in being this little person’s mama.  This is so much joy in witnessing her become a stretched out version of who she already is.  My husband and I often laugh when sharing stories of her babyhood.  “That is sooo LP” we find ourselves saying when reminiscing about her paci or the way that she used to rub her baby blanket.  As she is becoming increasingly more independent, she seems to need her mama now more than ever.  Like me, she is strong willed, and many of our days together feel like a delicate balance of making her feel heard while providing necessary guidance.

I’m extremely aware of the subtle ways that my daughter identifies with me, and I often think about how this bond is influencing her.  The possibilities that I believe in, the example I set, the values I live, and the way that I respond to her carry a tremendous weight.

Jordache Jeans Mother and DaughterMonica and Lucia’s Jeans: c/o  Jordache  //  Monica’s booties: c/o Clarks

 At nearly six, her infectious enthusiasm for life’s simple pleasures has the ability to completely shift my perspective.  She is brimming with hope and possibility.

I hope that she always knows how much I believe in her.