On The Move With Kickboard Scooters {a Maxi Micro Review}

The fall has brought considerable changes for my little family.  Both kids are in school, and each new day seems to bring visible indicators that little ones are growing up.

Although I sometimes gripe when the weather is gloomy, I appreciate that our lifestyle makes us depend on our feet for transportation.  We take in a lot on our little excursions, and I definitely need the added physical activity.  While I sometimes depend on my stroller for my nursery schooler, many of our adventures are on foot or on scooters.

We were already huge kickboard scooter fans, prior to Lucia receiving a Maxi Metallic for review.  We purchased a Mini Micro for Lucia when she was in pre-school – and her brother somehow claimed stake on it around his second birthday. 

We’ve since been on more scooter riding excursions than I can possibly count.  It is an incredibly fun way for the children to travel.  Lucia’s sturdy Maxi Micro has given her the confidence to smoothly navigate uneven urban sidewalks and the school playground with her peers.  As a parent, I appreciate the sound 3-wheel maneuverability and ease of control.  Best of all, I don’t have to worry about the pavement-splats that I frequently witness among the poorly-designed scooter riders on the playground. 

Kickboard Maxi Micro ScooterKickboard Maxi Metallic ScooterKickboard Maxi Metallic scooter review

Although an investment at $129.99, the adjustable handlebars and outstanding quality ensure that the Maxi Metallic will last my first grader for many years to come.  And one can hope that the cool silver metallic color will enable boy/girl sibling sharing. 

All kickboard scooters are 25% off from now until October 31st.  Just enter code: HOLIDAY2013 at checkout.

Kickboard USA provided me with a Maxi Metallic for review purposes. As always, opinions are strictly my own.