Little Monsters

It was a week of readjustment after school vacation with the kids crashing into our bed every night.  We woke to their silliness, reminiscent of earlier times with toddlers at home (but with much more sleep!).  It’s incredible that their siblinghood lends constant access to a collectively creative world – with stories and games that exist only in their bubble. When they broke out into a perfectly synchronized, bizarre song and dance – I couldn’t believe that it was their own original creation.  And I could barely contain myself when their new band emerged.

LFOH clothing

With the girl on the harmonica and the boy of the maracas – there was never an absence of noise at home.  Throw in a beloved Furby, a newly installed bedroom doorbell and Olympic level energy too.  But somehow, I had a pretty solid perspective through it all.  The toys underfoot and noise became homages to the vibrant family life alive in our home.  Led by these two amazing and ridiculous little people:Merino clothing Litttle Flock of Horrors


Their fun clothing was sent to us by Little Flock of Horrors –  a company that uses 100% New Zealand Merino Wool (the best in the world!) for all of their garments.  We love that LFOH clothing is 100% natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable, and free of harmful flame retardants.  The kids were drawn to the ultra softness and cozy warmth in winter.  Since Merino is a great insulator and temperature regulator, LFOH allows little monsters to stay comfortable through naturally breathable material that is odor-resistant and easy to clean. 

LFOH clothing

I love seeing my texture-conscious kids find comfort in their chic and straightforward styles.  Most importantly, LFOH allows kids to focus on the important work of childhood: plotting, noise-making, head-colliding, and mess-making.


Swoon-worthy indeed.

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