On Small Wins and Fostering Confidence in Kids

With a little flashlight clutched in his hand, I catch my six-year-old staying up past his bedtime, sounding out words in a book that is far beyond his reading level.  The same scenario plays out nearly every single night.  He wants more than anything to master the first book in a popular series that his big sister devoured.  While I so admire his determination, I recognize his increasing frustration  – and am reminded of the importance of age-appropriateness during these crucial years where independence and everyday wins help to shape confidence.


We’re coming off of a much needed slow and lovely weekend.  The kids stayed in their PJs for a good portion of the morning, and I surprised the boy with early holiday gifts from our friends at LEGO Juniors, specifically designed to set younger kids (ages 4-7) up for success, with fun building sets that are perfectly matched to the building skills of their age and stage.


“LOOK WHAT I MADE!!” my little-guy gushed while leaping off an art table chair onto the hardwood floor to drive his LEGO Juniors Police Helicopter Chase set across the wooden panels.  Miraculously, it survived the commotion in one piece, and his confidence soared while flipping open the front of the chopper – to act out his “guy” containing the robber while saving all the money for the “good people.”  I couldn’t believe how fast the set came together and appreciated the intuitive design that allowed my six-year-old to give it a go right out of the box – with a fun, pre-made piece to encourage the building process.


The excitement continued the following morning with the LEGO Juniors Family House Set.  This bigger set came with separately numbered bags filled with pieces, allowing my little guy to find the right bricks for specific areas.


I adored staring at his sweet concentration face while the house was constructed with the ideal synergy of age-appropriate challenges and creative play.  And if your child is anything like mine – they’ll be thrilled with this set’s inclusion of a toilet bowl!


In childhood, it’s not the big milestones (like riding a bike for the first time, or scoring a goal) that solely build earned confidence and self-worth; it’s the everyday simple wins that help to foster perseverance, resilience, and the never-give-up-spirit that murmurs over and over again ” I can do it”.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.