The LeapFrog Learning Path App

I spend a lot of time searching for engaging educational projects to work on with my children.  I often find it challenging to determine sound resources tailored to Adrian and Lucia’s ages and learning levels.  LeapFrog recently launched an intuitive free educational tool for parents on iTunes, called the Learning Path.  Although I was in no way obligated to write about it, I’ve found the Learning Path app to be a helpful resource.

Upon logging into the app with my account information (this can also be manually added for new LeapFrog users), customized learning activities, expert suggestions, printable educational materials, educational craft tips and so much more appeared.  The app works concurrently with our LeapFrog-connected products to give insight into my children’s progress and areas that need reinforcement. The recommended LeapFrog apps (available for purchase) offer great suggestions for each of my children and are not placed too frequently throughout the app – it never feels like an advertisement.

LeapFrog Leanring Path App

LeapFrog Free Learning Path App

The Learning Path app offers tailored learning “scrolls” for each child, curated by months.  My children like that many of the activities are related to current events and Holidays (as seen in their classrooms).  The expert Q & A’s are impressively on par with my current questions about my children – offering suggestions about how to get my nursery schooler to open up about his day at school, and how to talk to my first grader about loosing (she likes to be the winner!).  I even found activities aligned with the common core standards (that are  currently taught in schools).  In a short period of  time, my five year old became much more confident with “skip counting” which will enable her to tackle more complex math algorithms with ease.  The learning activity suggestions are fun, and are clearly curated by the same team of learning experts behind the creation of LeapFrog’s valuable educational products.

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I was not obligated to write this post and was not compensated.   I am happy to share this free resource with readers.