Cool Science Experiments for Kids

Spring break is officially here!  Since the kiddos are home for the week, we’re sharing fun and educational ways to keep school children occupied and entertained.  I’ve put together a list of some cool science experiments for kids along with educational kits to help pull them off. Check out some of our new favorites below!


Crystal Growing Experiment

A crystal growing kit is a fun experiment for kids of any age.  One kit includes enough materials to create seven different crystal experiments. It also includes a special display case for the kids to admire their gleaming creations well after growing them.

Terrarium Growing Kit

Spring is finally here, the plants are starting to peek up from the soil, and it’s a perfect time to start an indoor terrarium. Teach your kids how plants grow from seeds into full-size plants. This kit includes two little figurines to dress up the terrarium and glow in the dark stickers to make it stand out at night. Your kids will have so much fun watching the plants grow more and more every day!

Kitchen Science Experiments

This kitchen science experiment kit includes six different science experiments in one. The best part is that they use common ingredients found in almost any kitchen. Experiments include creating electricity from lemons, launching a rocket with vinegar, writing invisible messages and more!

Magnet Science Kit

Kiddos will love learning about how magnets work with a bunch of experiments in this magnet science kit. Build a magnet-powered car, a compass and more!  For added fun gather up a bunch of metal nuts and use the powerful horseshoe magnet to magnetize them into different standalone shapes.

Weather Station

This weather station is super cool!  It allows you to observe and record weather conditions.  Equipped with a fully functional wind vane, anemometer, a thermometer and a rain gauge. Kids can also use the kit with a recycled bottle to create a terrarium and learn how greenhouses work.

Have any suggestions to our list?  Do chime in below!

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