Crafts & Clean Up With Jewel & Swiffer

I imagine that there will come a time in my future when I’ll wish that I could open up a jar of childhood – to soak in the sounds of giggles and little feet banging on the hardwood floors.  I know that someday, I’ll want to revisit evidence of childhood creativity in every crevice of our home.  For now, I often find it challenging to not get engulfed in the mess that goes along with raising imaginative kids.  Anything that encourages clean-up with crafts is a win in my book, and we did just that at the celebratory launch of the Swiffer Sweep & Trap, with singer, songwriter and mother Jewel, at Manhattan’s Make Meaning.

crafting at Make Meaningpainitng a cookiesinger, songwriter Jewel crafting with kids NYC make meaning Swiffer Sweep and Trap

Lucia and Adrian proudly showed off their crafts, before joining Jewel in her acoustic premiere and video shoot of the “Clean-Up Song” currently available on Swiffer’s Facebook page.  The kids have since watched the video (in which they were a bit paparazzi-perplexed!) and one can only hope that the lyrics are actually soaking in.


We’ve had some time to test out the Swiffer Sweep & Trap in our home, and the key word here most certainly is trap.  The kids are actually able to initiate clean-up without their well-intentioned efforts ending up all over the place (goodbye dust-pan!).

I received a gift bag at the event.  Images 3-5 are via Diane Bondareff Photography.  Opinions, as always, are my own.