DIY Jake and The Never Land Pirates Costume

It’s been a while since I’ve made something for the boy! The girl still loves the butterfly fairy costume that I made her, and I’m pretty sure that she’ll wear her Queen Elsa costume until it disintegrates.  It’s clearly time to start building up my little man’s homemade dress-up options and our recent fun with Disney Live gave me the perfect opportunity to whip up a Jake Costume.

I decided to include Adrian in the process and told him about our upcoming trip to the theater at Madison Square Garden.  When I asked him if he would like a Jake costume he responded with a resounding “YES MAMA!!”. He was super excited and invested in every part of the process.

The costume creation was a quick and simple project, and came together the afternoon before the show.  I used this great Frontier Vest Tutorial to make the Jake vest and changed it up a bit.  Instead of using felt strips as edging I purchased 2.75m Double Fold Quilt Binding (because I was too lazy to cut strips of felt!).  It worked out well – just be mindful of your corners and curves.  I didn’t fold over the front pattern piece, when cutting the felt, where indicated – and made it into a folded lapel as seen on Jake.  The lapel was stitched in place to keep from folding forward and I added four shiny brass buttons (circles of felt or yellow buttons will also work).   I cut the neck of one of Lucia’s old white shirts into a slight V and used one of her old tap shoe strings to lace it up.  The headband and black cummerbund were made out of old clothing as well.  I bought yellow plastic tape at the hardware store and tapped a strip onto Adrian’s favorite Ugg boots.  Daddy made him a cardboard sword and he was good to go!

jake costumejake costumeDIY jake costume

In other monumental news, the girl decided to dress up as a pirate (instead of a princess) for a Pirate and Princess themed show! Her love of princesses has always been intermixed with other good stuff but this mama inwardly cheered on her costume choice!  We pulled the Izzy look together with an inside-out pink T-shirt, a cut up mitten on a string (sorry Adrian, it was about time you stopped wearing those “lobster” mittens) and a play tablecloth around her head.

jake costumejake