Holiday Workout Tips

Even when other aspects of my life are in disarray, working-out remains my reassuring constant.  I am always able to find a sense of peace within the gym walls or a sunlit corner of my living room.  When the monotony of work-from-home-motherhood tries to get the best of me – I know that I’m able to carry the collective energy found in a spinning class with me throughout the day.

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Physical exercise is perhaps the greatest investment in myself with lasting benefits.  And when I return to the people that I care about the most – I am all the better for it.

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The Holiday’s are tricky. The busyness can be stress inducing, and there seems to be an onslaught of tasty treats that I’d like to stuff in my face everywhere.

Hopefully, sharing a few of my Holiday workout tips, in collaboration with the active-wear team at Kohl’s will benefit someone – and help to keep me accountable this Holiday season!

  • Stick To Your Optimal Time: On most evenings, I’m completely spent – but can be incredibly productive come morning.  It’s imperative for me to get to the gym early. If I plan for the evenings – it most likely won’t happen at all, save a few evenings when I make a mad-dash out of the house when my husband comes home from work. Identify what time works for you and stick to it.
  • Make a No Excuse System: When I found myself packing in work deadlines without finding time to work out – I knew that I had to make changes to my regime. I used to loathe working out at home, but forced myself to have a few indoor options for the hectic work days.  Just 25 minutes with Shaun T on my TV or a few weight bearing exercises make a profound difference in my day. Figure out a no-excuse system for staying active.

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  • Find Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable: Perhaps it’s a workout buddy or a class at the gym. It’s helpful to set up an exercise support system to help make it happen. I find it much easier to hop off of a machine at the gym that walk out of an exercise class.
  • Invest in Workout Apparel That You Love: I constantly do tiny loads of laundry just to have my favorite gym clothes.  I was recently introduced to the active-wear line at Kohl’s and it instantly injected excitement into my workout routine! In addition to the products showcased in the images, I absolutely fell in love with the SOYBU line at Kohl’s.  The incredibly soft materials are perfect for exercising and school pickups.

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  • Keep the Focus On The Goodness of the Holiday:  If an early morning jog will save your sanity, then by all means don’t skip it!  Try to keep the focus on the goodness of the holiday by participating in the important stuff – perhaps a party or extra time with family will take precedence.  Just remember that a run outdoors, and a spot in that coveted spinning class will always be there in the future.

Holiday workout tips

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday!

Thank you Kohl’s for sponsoring this post. Opinions, as always, are my own.