Salt Therapy || Sunday Swoon

When it comes to health and wellness, I prefer to take the most natural route whenever possible.  I’ve been intrigued by the therapeutic uses of salt and was eager to test out the salt room and bed at Breathe Easy in Oasis Day Spa.


Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, is a natural remedy for numerous sinus, allergy, skin and lung ailments. The anti-bacterial properties found in salt help to clean the lungs and sinuses of infection, as well as bacteria.

Breathe Easy offers the closest thing to the salt caves that have been used to improve health and well-being for centuries – in a spa-like atmosphere.  A Halogenator emits natural salt particles into the air and throughout the room. The sessions are incredibly peaceful and calming – and I noticed an immediate improvement in my sinus issues after a 45-minute session in a bed.  They even offer sessions for children – that can be helpful for asthma suffers and parents seeking natural alternatives to medication.

Although a bit skeptical at first – my sinuses were cleared in one session, which is an important part of remaining migraine-free.  I’m a believer!