Halloween Fun with Chasing Fireflies

Welcome to October – a.k.a Halloween month according to my children! The simple joys that the kids find in play-acting is taken to a whole new level this time of year.  And this mama loves celebrating the childhood creativity that comes along with putting on a costume and fully inhabiting a character.

As in previous years, the kiddos devour the Chasing Fireflies catalog upon arrival and it was a true treat for their favorite Halloween costumes to arrive in the mail.

photo 2(13)

My little guy’s interest in superheros continues to grow, and he confidently selected the Captain America costume upon spotting the boy’s superheros costume collectionComplete with paddled muscles, gloves, boot-covers and a suped-up belt – with an incredible added shield to block enemy fire.  AA proudly steps into Captain America’s persona as soon as the costume goes on – and it’s such great fun to see an explosion in his imagination.  Best of all, he still presents in a fully costumed look, even when the mask comes off.

photo 2(14)photo 3(5)

Our little big girl still very much lives in a world of fantasy and dress up play.  The costume drawer spills over nearly every single day as toys and props are woven into her originative dress-up stories.  She finally decided on the white witch costume after loving the spook-factor in the girls witch costume selections This costume combines the best of both worlds for LP; featuring whimsical layers of tulle – with the mystery of a friendly witch.  The added broom, hat and white beaded chocker complete the look, and an additional petticoat brings the perfect amount of poof-factor.  She is absolutely smitten with good witch loveliness.

photo 2(12)photo(52)

If you’re looking for stand-out costumes of exceptional quality to survive the trenches of dress-of-play – Chasing Fireflies is absolutely the way to go!

Have fun celebrating!  BWA HA HAAA

Thank you Chasing Fireflies for partnering on this fun post.  Opinions, as always are my own.


Halloween Costumes & Imaginative Play {a Chasing Fireflies Review}

Adrian and Lucia love all aspects of playing dress up; taking on a specific character; concocting elaborate stories, and entering make-believe worlds.  I adore watching the creativity that comes along with putting on a costume.  It is truly childhood at its best.  Although we have a lot of costumes and props in our house (mostly Lucia’s), the majority have partially-disintegrated after only a few wearings.

Naturally, Halloween is a big deal for the kids.  And Lucia and Adrian study the Chasing Fireflies Wishcraft catalog as soon as it arrives each year (as mentioned in last year’s Halloween post).  We were in the midst of making costume decisions when a request to test out Chasing Fireflies Halloween costumes serendipitously appeared.   Although part of me really wanted to dress the kids as matching little gnomes (how cute would that be?!).  I absolutely LOVE Adrian and Lucia’s ultimate costume choices.

I was incredibly excited for Adrian, whose costume collection pales in comparison to his sister’s exploding tulle drawer.  He is so proud of his Ninja Warrior costume and has worn a portion of it nearly ever single day (including the gold lame belt over his regular clothes).  Since Chasing Fireflies craftsmanship is exceptional, I don’t have to worry about the costume deteriorating before October 31st.  I’m so glad that my boy can Ninja on until his little heart desires.  The costume came with a gold headband/lower facial scarf, however, this Ninja doesn’t get down with wearing things on his head.  It also came with a super blunt toy sword.  I imagine that Adrian would be ALL OVER this, but his mama doesn’t get down with that sort of stuff right now.  But who knows, that stance may change soon as my parenting philosophies often do.

Without further ado, behold the stealthy Ninja:

ninja costume

He appears, covertly, to protect endangered corners of New York City.

ninja costume boys

He is well known for his slick moves and insistence on particular footwear.

ninja costume 5 pointz

He may use his superhuman smile to leverage others.

ninja costume for boys

It is believed that forces of evil plummet in his mere presence.

ninja costume boys chasing fireflies

The Ninja’s big sister fell in love with so many of the Chasing Fireflies costume options.  Their collection for girls is truly whimsical.  Many of the Fairyesque costumes could even be worn again for a birthday or special event.  Lucia’s magnificent costume choice reflects one of her current obsessions…

Meet the Magical Unicorn who lives in the enchanted forest:

unicorn costume chasing fireflies girls

It is here that she summons her mystical powers.

unicorn girls costume

And spends much of her time searching for magical gems (a.k.a acorns) to tuck deep into her special collection (a drawer under her bed).

unicorn costume chasing fireflies

She catches the power and energy of the sun through her spiral horn, as her dazzling white coat and magnificent flowing pink tail shimmer in the light.

unicorn halloween costume

She is known throughout the woodlands for her joy-spreading spirit and ability to find magic in the every day.

unicorn costume girls

For standout quality Halloween costumes that inspire hours of imaginative play, visit the Chasing Fireflies website.

The above costumes were provided by Chasing Fireflies for review purposes.  All opinions and content in this post are my own.