Super Bowl Sunday and the Halftime Bathroom Break

While I may tune into the Super Bowl solely for the brilliant commercials, halftime show and “Hamilton’s” Schuyler Sisters’ rendition of “America the Beautiful” – I’m well aware that most of the country is fired up for the on-field action.

And while talk turns to game-day recipes, drinks, and decor – let’s not neglect super simple ways to make those raging football fanatics feel comfortable in every room of the house.


Yep! I’m talking about the bathroom, and don’t worry; this isn’t a tutorial suggesting that you whip up Pinterest-worthy homemade potpourri. With more than 100 million fans tuning into the game, half of those Super Bowl viewers spend little to no time at all prepping the bathroom for their Super Bowl Bash.  Did you know that 62% report being likely to forget to buy bathroom supplies for game-day party planning?


Febreze and Charmin have you covered for the inevitable Halftime Bathroom Break that occurs as millions of Americans rush to the bathroom (after holding it in!) in those precious few minutes between the halftime whistle blow and the halftime show.

That other paper-thin, 1-ply toilet tissue isn’t up to the challenge.  Ditch it and stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong.  Why? Because three rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll are long enough to span an entire football field, so guests won’t have to use as much toilet paper but will leave the bathroom feeling clean.


When I learned that more odor molecules come from the halftime bathroom break than there are blades of grass on all the NFL fields in America combined, I couldn’t add Febreze to my cart fast enough.  Throw in an excess amount of wings, Instagram-worthy nacho towers, beer and more – and (AHEM!) you better have your odor fighting game on strong to ensure your guests feel at home. We found our hero in Febreze’s tiny and discrete smallSPACES that fight repugnant odors while secured nicely and discreetly on the toilet bowl tank or bathroom vanity.  Add Febreze Air to unleash an instant fresh force and eliminate airborne odors in the powder room and party room too.


Have fun watching the game and don’t sweat the stink!

Thank you to Febreze and Charmin for sponsoring this post.