Because Mom Needs a Day Off Too

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I still struggle with feeling OK when taking time for myself. Even in the midst of uninterrupted work (yes work, not play!) I have to push through irrational guilt and unjustified feelings of selfishness when I’m away from my children.  I’m well aware that it doesn’t make any sense.  And I know that all moms need a day off.  This one included.


So when a “mom’s day off” was recently requested of me in conjunction with Crocs‘ #MomsDayOff campaign, I hightailed it to the subway with my hair still wet and breakfast unfinished to meet a friend for spontaneous quality time together.  Eager to check out the Fischli Weiss exhibit at the Guggenheim before it closes next week; we arrived at opening to an uncrowded viewing.  There’s nothing like being with an incredible female friend when you’re on the verge of coming undone at the seams.  And inside the very museum that we frequent as a family, I realized how vastly different my perspective is when taking in art without my little ones.  The shape of the day was invigorating, refreshing, and incredibly fun. Hugs, art, and laughter are so very good for the soul!


When I returned to my sweet little family, I knew that taking time for myself gave me a new lens to filter beauty from an otherwise cluttered and chaotic space.  Those scattered toys and abandoned art projects represented nothing more than a vibrant and happy life with kids.


Along with my recipes for self-care like fitting in those workouts, I know that days spent with steadfast friends are essential to my well-being. And here in the city, a metro-card, a few favorite accessories, and comfy shoes make for incredible last-minute adventures!

I used to think that Crocs were just for kids.  My love affair with them began the summer that my then three-year-old son insisted on wearing his sister’s outgrown pink unicorn Crocs. With glow-in-the-dark unicorn horns – who can blame him? It’s now such a deliciously adorable memory!

Crocs for women may not have rainbows and light-up features when you step (thank goodness!), but they do have super comfortable,  fun, and streamlined styles.  A far cry from my children’s clogs; I’ll be rocking mine all summer long, officially making us a Crocs-family.


I do hope that you’ll join me in the important work of taking time off for yourself, and we’re thrilled that Crocs is determined to send other moms off for a break while outfitting even more in comfy footwear!

Check out the amazing #momsdayoffcontest on social media! Click the below Instagam image for more details to be in the running to win amazing goodies including a $50 Crocs gift card + $100 (10 winners!) to spend on your mom’s day off! That’s not all, 50 more winners will win $50 gift cards from Crocs. Sixty winners total equals a lot of happy moms! Just make sure that you’re following @Crocs on social media when you post an entry image. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the #momsdayofcontest photos on Instagram letting us know all those mom’s day off hopes and dreams!


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This post is sponsored by Crocs. Opinions, as always, are my own.