LeapFrog Monsters University & LeapPad2/App {Giveaway}

School is officially out for summer and LeapFrog audio books and apps are being incorporated into Lucia’s summer learning. My children have been lucky enough to test out LeapFrog learning products for a year now, and although screen time is limited in my home, I’m happy with the educational entertainment that LeapFrog brings to my children’s learning journey.

Disney Pixar Monsters University is a huge box office hit, and Lucia has enjoyed testing out LeapFrog’s  Monsters University interactive book, in conjunction with LeapFrog’s TagReader (also works with the new LeapReader) and the Monsters University game cartridge/app (on her LeapPad2).

LeapFrog’s Monsters University interactive book (for ages 5-8 years), is unique in that it is LeapFrog’s first 3D book.  My daughter enjoys the book alone, but the addition of the 3D glasses makes the book even more captivating as the characters and effects literally jump off of the pages.  The games help to build logic, word recognition, position words, and reasoning skills.  Lucia has had so much fun with this book while building her reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.   The 3D element is definitely Lucia’s favorite component, and she likes being able to choose a personalized monster name.  I think that this is a great product for my five-year-old reader because she is able to touch challenging words with the TagReader and have them pronounced for her.  My 3 year-old-son also uses the  book, as the TagReader can be set to read the story for him.  I appreciate the advanced vocabulary that Lucia  has picked up from this book, including ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) and ligyrophobia (fear of loud noises).  We’ve been attaching the included 3D glasses to the back of the book with a paper clip, and haven’t managed to loose/break them yet.  I’m hoping that my kids will be able to take good care of the glasses as they do create an enriched experience.

LeapFrog Monsters University

Lucia also tested out LeapFrog Explorer Disney Pixar Monster University Learning Game on her LeapPad2 (also compatible with the Leapster Explorer).  I initially thought that she would be a bit bored with the repetition of the Scare Maze game; however I was wrong!   Lucia enjoys collecting pennants and coins to complete each level.  She also shows excitement when she finds souvenirs and earns scare cards.   The card matching portion was a breeze for her, but luckily the game has 24 levels and intuitively levels up in difficulty to  strengthen her problem-solving skills in a customized way.

Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones c/o iHome Disney

Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones c/o iHome Disney

My entire family is a bit obsessed with the Create Your Own Monster feature.  I uploaded this game to both of my kids LeapPads, and they have each created a Daddy Monster, complete with bizarre photos of my husbands face and his roaring voice.  Daddy  is able to scare us all day long via the touch of the LeapPad, even when he is away from us at work.  It’s hysterical, really.

I would never suggest using LeapFrog products as a substitute for one-on-one learning time with a parent.  I think that they are a phenomenal supplement. I’m happy that Mike and Sully’s Monster world is helping to keep learning incredibly fun in my home.  And I’m thrilled that the LeapFrog team is generous as always with another fantastic giveaway!

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Monsters University Giveaway

Win It: LeapFrog is giving away a LeapPad2 and a Monster’s University Learning Game (Downloadable App)  to one lucky reader.  Enter to win in the below rafflecopter.  This giveaway is open to US only, and all entry methods are verified. Best of luck to all!


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As a LeapFrog parent, LeapFrog provided me with learning products for review purposes.  iHome Disney provided me with Monsters University Scary Hairy Headphones.  As in all my reviews, all opinions in this post are my own.  To read my previous LeapFrog Reviews click on the label LeapFrog.