Healthy Classrooms: Keeping Cold & Flu Germs at Bay

Raise your hand if you love mid-October!  The green leaves have turned a fiery red and majestic gold, and we’ve grown accustomed to the schedule changes that the new school year brings.  The kids are excited about trick-or-treating, and we’ve all been enjoying the delicious weather and lunar-lit nights.

Unfortunately, we’re also approaching the peak of cold and flu season. Letters have already come home in my kiddos folders indicating possible exposure of everything from pertussis (yes, vaccine-preventable!) to lice.


In an ideal world, all parents would keep their children home when sick, kids would never put their hands in their mouths, and every single classroom would have a sink.  While we can’t become overly consumed with germs – there are steps that we can take to keep our families and communities healthy – while allowing our kids to thrive and focus on the important work in childhood play and learning.


According to the CDC, one of the best ways to stay healthy, especially during a flu outbreak is frequent hand washing. And if you’re a parent – you never really never know what your children may have touched! When soap and water are not available in the classroom, the OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X®  is the perfect solution – effectively eliminating germs (up to 99.9) percent.


While many of us wouldn’t send our young kids to school with individual hand sanitizers – the structure of the OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® offers application in a controlled and trusted manner in a classroom setting. As a parent, I trust that my own kiddos will get a dime-sized amount and not a massive quantity from the dispenser.  The ADA compliant design has a secure locking mechanism and can dispense liquid, gel or foaming hand soap. The sturdy and easy-to-use bracket system locks in a full 750mL bottle – that can simply slide out to be recycled and replaced when empty – and the small footprint conveniently and easily mounts anywhere.

We all know how much money teachers end up spending out of pocket on school supplies, and as sickness begins to spread – we’re reminded that hand sanitizer shouldn’t be overlooked. Grab the OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® on Amazon and include it in that teacher appreciation basket.  And if you’d like to win one to send to your child’s classroom – just leave a comment below. We’ll randomly pick a winner to send one off to next week. Also, use code PROMOGERMX16 for 20% off your purchase.

Wishing you a healthy and happy Fall!

This is a sponsored post.