A Golden State of Mind

This morning’s fresh blanket of snow, and continued media furor over the sinister “polar vortex” made me reflect upon our indoor winter.  Although, we are still out and about on our feet, trudging through slush, squeezing into jam-packed trains – this winter will most definitely be marked by our time spent indoors.

I’ve mentioned before that if every stage of childhood weren’t so incredible, I would feel paralyzed by the thought of leaving each beautiful year behind.  These two characters play so fiercely, concocting elaborate stories all day long.  Their steadfast sibling bond is truly heartwarming, and I live for these fleeting moments that etch together childhood.


One of the greatest gifts that they have given me is the ability to see through them – an optimistic eagerness for practically everything that they encounter.  The new day ahead.  An afternoon of play.  Their perspective is refreshing and one in which I try to emulate.

Geo Fox T shirts Geo Fox Apparel

We recently received some clothes from Geo Fox Apparel, a modern children’s clothing line that seems to capture the essence of cool kids perfectly.  Lucia, the budding fashion lover, isn’t afraid to boldly declare that she is, in fact, a ninja warrior.  And Adrian my sweet boy continually shows me the bright side of each day.

Wishing you all a golden state of mind.

Special thanks to Geo Fox Apparel for the clothing samples. Opinions, as always, are my own.