By Leaps & Bounds || Sunday Swoon with Frankie & Sue

The blink of an eye.

It’s been said a thousand times over how quickly children change at what often feels like lightening speed.  Last week, I picked my big girl up from school, placed my hands on her shoulders and told her that she must have grown during the six hours that we were apart.  I’ve been noticing her growth nearly every single day.  Suddenly taller, and more mature – with a precious soul full of big ideas.

LP 1

Her name means light dove, and she absolutely personifies that  – with a free-spirit that I hope she always holds on to.  She was recently sent beautiful clothing from Frankie & Sue – a L.A. based brand that understands the essence of little-hood. Their boho-chic pieces allow for unrestricted movement – and details like ample pockets are perfect for collecting treasures.  Their colorful material-combinations celebrate childhood with playful pieces that truly look and feel special.

LP leavesLPLP 3

Frankie & Sue prides themselves on being 100% made in Los Angeles, CA. We are in love!

Swoon-worthy indeed.

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