Sharing a Sweet Future: How Truvia and The World Food Programme are Tackling Food Insecurity in Bolivia

A few years ago while trudging the kids to school in the aftermath of a massive snowstorm with our streets in abysmal shape, I learned of the critical reason why NYC public schools stay open during inclement winter weather. In poor city communities, the only chance for breakfast and a hot lunch for some children is at school.  With that knowledge, I gladly took the kids to and from school amidst snowstorms and ice-drenched streets.  If there’s anything that tugs at a mother’s heart, it’s children without access to nutritious foods necessary for a healthy life.

It’s hard to image an entire country where food-insecurity and lack of nutrition are the norm. Bolivia has been classified as one of Latin America’s poorest countries and one of the most-food insecure countries in the world. A few years ago we were thrilled to share the promising commitment that Truvia made on World Food Day 2012, in helping to support children and families in Bolivia.  Via a partnership with The United Nations World Food Programme, the Sharing a Sweet Future initiative is now wrapping up its third impactful year, successfully tackling food insecurity while planting the seeds for community self-sufficiency.


Just take a look at the program’s remarkable longitudinal impact in only three years’ time, with nearly $1 million dollars in aid.


67,330 Bolivian school children fed and so much more! Incredible, isn’t it? With nearly 40 percent of the Bolivian population unable to afford adequate food for a healthy life, and 65 percent of all rural household unable to afford the minimum recommended caloric intake, the Sharing a Sweet Future initiative has had a tremendous impact in improving the lives of the people of Bolivia.  As Sergio Torres, head of Bolivian operations for the WFP shared, “Truvia’s support came at a time when we didn’t have any resources, and were almost going to close this type of program.”


Please join us in helping to raise awareness for this life-changing program by visiting the program’s website.  Here you’ll find first-hand glimpses of everyday life in Bolivia through a series of short documentary films capturing children, families, farm workers and more.  The stories are eye-open and raw, yet matched with the beautiful synergy of Sharing a Sweet Future, which carries tremendous hope rooted in sustainability.

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