On Finding Fun With Dad

Unsure if the scurrying feet and piercing yells signaled the children fighting or playing, I wasn’t surprised to discover the Olympic-level noise provoked by my husband chasing the kids around with a talking eggplant.  In a house where inanimate objects are brought to life and creativity rules the lot of the land; my husband, in his role as dad, brings a light unlike any other. And watching him father as he does, with so much love and laughter, is one of the greatest reassuring constants in my life.


Aligned with Crocs #FindYourFun mission – off we recently went to our local beach for a day of fun with our beloved circus leader.  Fully outfitted in Crocs, this great collection of footwear is perfect for our family and the busy outdoor lifestyle that the summer months accommodate. With casual comfort and great styles for the whole family, you’ll find us rocking our Crocs all season long.

We kicked off our shoes to collect shells, create seaweed monsters and watch my husband emerge as the biggest kid on the beach.


With invisible light sabers, the kids and their dad defeated monsters and played until the sun went down.

Crocs-find-your-fun-with-dad CROCS-find-your-funsunset-swings-playground

Throw in my husband’s favorite fish taco joint plus a cold beer and the day was one to remember!

Our life is far from perfect, but it’s the fun and carefree moments of togetherness that elevate us as a family and remind us of what matters most.  We’re so grateful to celebrate my husband this Father’s Day and the incredible dad that he is.

Do let us know how you plan to #FindYourFun and celebrate this Father’s Day!

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