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The kiddos are really enjoying their time away form a structured classroom.  They deserve and need a break – but the learning must always continue.  Teachable moments are naturally interwoven into our everyday and I’ve found establishing a regular summer learning routine helpful.  I purchased a bunch of workbooks at our local Barnes & Nobel and the children’s favorites are the Star Wards workbooks from Workman Publishing.  The kids haven’t yet seen the movies but are really drawn to the characters and stories.  The workbooks, for Pre-K through 2nd grade, delve into core subjects including numbers, ABCs, phonics and reading readiness on my son’s preschool level – and math, reading and writing reinforcement for my second grader.  The kids have found the books fun and engaging and the lessons are aligned with common core standards.

summer learning workbooks,

Adrian has been learning about number values and enjoys connecting dots, circling light-sabers and X-wing starfighters to identify number groupings.  Lucia likes the story telling aspects and the drawing “rewards” that come with each lesson.

The Preschool workbooks even come with finger puppets.

educational workbooks

The Force is pretty strong over here and I clearly need to brush up on my Star Wars history!

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