Creative Children’s Bedding from Redbubble

I want my kiddos bedroom to remain a special hideaway.  Although it’s a shared space (which they still love!) – it really is the only place that they can claim as their own. I’ve found children’s bedding options to be pretty limited.  Typically a boring dichotomy of cutesy prints or character embalzed everything.  And when I find a design that is of interest to me – it’s often so on trend that I lose interest (hello monochrome cross prints).

I’m so excited to share my recent discovery!  Redbubble, an online marketplace, boats the most amazing products featuring designs from artists all over the world. The artwork is brilliant – offering the most creative and unique bedding options that I have ever seen.  Best of all the creative community platform allows artists to sell their masterpieces on Redbubble’s list of products, for free.  Yes, free!  So your purchase supports artistic talent as well.

With a goal of injected cool bedding  into the kids room, my husband and I spent a great deal of time on the Redbubble website drooling over the plethora of options. From incredible animals, amazing geometric shapes and beautifully bizarre creations – we had difficulty selecting!  Here are some of our favorite duvet cover options.

  • Animal Lovers

Redbubble duvet covers

  • Geometric Gorgeousness

Redbubble bedding

  •  Additional Awesomeness

amazing beddingSee what I mean?  If you happen to love a ton of designs, like we do, Redbuddle also makes pillows – making pattern mixing incredibly fun.

Although we’re still working on updating the kiddos shared space – here’s what we decided on:

duevet covers for kids RedbubbleGraphic 104 duvet cover by Mareike Böhmer for LP and the Racoon Catcher duvet cover by lunaticpark for our little guy.

For tons of unique products check out Redbubble’s apparel, wall art, tote bags and so much more!

Thank You Redbubble for partnering with me on this fun post.