How a Robotic Vacuum Elevated My Cleaning Game and My Life


I always dreamed of a Jetson’s household or at least a more efficient way of getting tedious tasks done.

And after a few weeks of owning a multifunctional robotic cleaner that intuitively finds “her” way around my home with the ability to simultaneously vacuum, sweep, UV sterilize, mop and filter the air all at once; I can wholeheartedly say that she vastly improved my cleaning game  – and my life.

Meet bObisweep’s, bObi Pet. My new best friend (that happens to have the same name as my husband).


With a simple push of her touchscreen button or a click of the remote control, bObi knows how to find her way across our floors (and navigate through furniture, rugs and more) to snatch up dirt and dust, leaving every nook and cranny spotlessly shining.  With a built-in UV light, she even sterilizes everything automatically- and her attachable mop finishes the job with an impressive polish to boot.  Then she automatically plugs into her charging station (which she know how to find unassisted).  The best part? All of this happens while I’M SITTING AT MY DESK, working, showering, or doing something other than spending my time cleaning.


I haven’t yet let the kids in on the fact that our bObi Pet came with a bObi blOck which creates an invisible boundary line that bObi won’t cross.  Why? I’ve been having too much fun yelling “Pick up your LEGOS or bObi will eat them!”.


We use her “waffle” mode frequently to attack small fresh spills – in addition to “Go!” mode to clean the whole home.

At a retail price of $849.00, a bObi Pet is an investment – but also a massive investment in freeing up significant amounts of time – to work, and be present with my family – by tackling meticulous chores for me.  My home has never been cleaner.

Check out our bObi Pet in action below, pick up a bObsweep of your own, and be sure to keep up with this cutting edge technology on Twitter and Instagram – and under the hashtag #bobsweep.

Thank you, bObi!

Consideration provided by bObisweep.