WowWee Fingerlings: Don’t Fall For The Knockoffs


As the hottest toy of the season, WowWee Fingerlings continue to fly off the (recently restocked) toystore shelves, hundreds of counterfeits have popped up in social media ads, websites and even stores. If you’re still scrambling to pick up one of these adorable interactive monkey toys for your kid, we only want an authentic one to come your way. Look for these telltale signs of counterfeit vs. authentic Fingerlings toys and don’t fall for knockoffs!

  • Packaging names like (Happy Monkey, Glitter Monkey, Baby Monkey, Fun Monkey, Finger Monkey, etc.)
  • Typos on packing and ages that are off. I saw one that said age +46 (even I’m not old enough to play with that one!).
  • Details that are off, including plastic hair.
  • Low-quality packaging.
  • Don’t purchase from non-authorized third-party resellers and online marketplaces.
  • Make sure the brand name is WowWee.
  • Shop at authorized Fingerlings distributors, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Gamestop and Toys ‘R Us.
  • Some counterfeit sellers are even using WowWee stock photos and then shipping fake products. Again look at the source and shop from authorized retailers.

WowWee filed a federal lawsuit against hundreds of sellers of counterfeit Fingerlings and a temporary restraining order is freezing seller’s assets and storefronts. Make sure to carefully check where you are spending your hard earned money, and sharing your payment information. Stay in touch with the latest on these adorable toys on WowWee’s official Fingerlings website.  We hope you are able to find one in a store near you too!