Believers – Visiting Santa Clause

Christmas with children holds more joy than I could have ever imagined.  I’m a sap by nature and find myself feeling extra melty this time of year.  There’s something so magical about watching little ones decorate a tree in the most imperfectly perfect manner. There is so much beauty in seeing my kids fill up an entire tub with their toys to giveaway to the needy.  My heart swells while watching my husband reach out to his “giveaway” network that he created via Craigslist. 

I’ve found myself wanting to live in an infinite state of childhood slow-motion this year (minus the difficult days of course).  My oldest is on the brink of turning six, and teeters somewhere between big and little.  Although she hasn’t directly questioned Santa’s true existence, she is more inquisitive this year.  So when both kids asked to visit Santa, I knew that I wanted to bring them to the best Saint Nicolas in all of New York City.

I’m convinced that the Victorian Santa at ABC Carpet & Home is the real deal.  We ventured to meet him during a mini snow storm, and I waited in line outside while the kiddos circled around in the car with Bob.  Once Santa returned from his break, the line began to move quickly.  The kiddos looked mesmerized upon spotting Santa in line, and they both seemed to stand a bit taller.  Lucia then reached for Santa’s book, and I watched her sign her name and Adrian’s in the most perfect penmanship that I have ever seen her write.  I don’t think that I will ever forget the gesture.

Santa's book

When it was our turn to meet Santa, Adrian did the little dance-run that he does when he’s excited.  Santa helped Adrian climb comfortably into his lap, and I placed the big girl up there too.

visiting santa 1

I snapped a few pictures and felt the urgency to rush the kiddos off of his lap (the lines! the cold!).  However, Santa made sure to take time to talk to the children, inquire about their Christmas wishes and give them each a special lollypop. Adrian told Santa that he wanted a red Power Ranger, and Lucia a Rainbow Loom.

visiting Santa

I’m pretty sure that Santa has those wishes covered.