Sometimes You Need To Get All Matchy Matchy

I’m really digging chevron prints (specifically blue hues) these days.  Can you tell??

I stitched this up when inspiration struck while watching Fashion Star last night.  I just winged the skirt (taking a waist measurement from another skirt), since my big girl went to bed at 7 pm. But, if you’re looking for a great pattern “made” has a simple skirt tutorial here.

And here are my bambinos, bright and early this morning. Gettin’ their chevron on!


Sometimes They Just Need to Go Through the Ketchup Licking Phase.

How I loathed going through this phase with Lucia and how I cringed when I first heard myself say “Ketchup is not a meal!!”.  I tried my best to delay the introduction of this condiment, because I wanted my child to be able to eat food without needing a sugary substance slathered all over it.  Once Lucia tried it, she really liked it and the disgusting ketchup consumption phase quickly followed suit.  The one were the kid doesn’t eat any of the actual food on the plate, but uses said food as a vehicle for ketchup licking.  Ewe, gross and all sorts of tension building in my neck.  Yeah, we’re currently there with Adrian right now.

Tonight for dinner Lucia ate broccoli, carrots and chicken sausage – which she prefers to eat with Ketchup.

Tonight for dinner my son had Ketchup:


Sometimes You Need to Put On Red Lipstick and Go Out With Your Man.

Big-ups to our incredible friends for tying the knot and bringing my favorite folks together for a fun evening in NYC:

Spending time with my Bobby.
And time with my all time favorite ladies from college.
Thrilled to be with my bestie, on her birthday! She taught me all about Uber, here we are riding in style.
 Ending the night with a little bit of crazy……



Sometimes You Just Need to Let it All Hang Out.


Sometimes You Just Need To Go To The Playground In a Tutu Because Mama Forgot That Ballet Class Was Cancelled


Sometimes you just need to put on that velcro suit and go for it