Sometimes You Just Need To See The Bread-Eye

Sometimes nights involve tending to sick littles, ejecting gross pillows out of the humble abode and co-sleeping with the non-sick two year old who’s preferred sleep position feels like a human neck brace.  Sometimes days feel long when you’re cooped up inside, disinfecting, tending to hurt tummies, dodging miniature cars filled with glittery ponies and scraping hardened play-doh off the floor.   Yet wee-ones seem to have a way of drawing us in amidst the chaos and subtly reminding us that their little-hood won’t last forever.  They also project so much hope and resilience in hardship.  Today Lucia delivered that powerful message through her effortless smiles and a newfound super-power while deep in the trenches of a  nasty stomach bug.

Thanks so much for showing me your “bread-eye” kiddo.  


Sometimes You Just Need To Take a Break.

Adrian needed to “take a break” while riding his scooter last week because he is “so fast and so strong.”  I nearly fell over when he busted out his GQ stance.

As you can tell, “one of each” is still his preferred choice of footwear.

 This little guy has so much swag, he has no idea how cool he is.


Sometimes You Just Need To Sprinkle Gold Glitter All Over Everything

Like when your kiddos are home sick and life just needs a bit more bling.

Check out my pumpkins, brought to you by Mod Podge and glitter:

And this key that I’ve wanted to glitterize ever since I first laid eyes on Pinterest:

I even thought of my husband and turned his boring screw driver into a Glitz-Driver:

I mean, who doesn’t need/want a Glitz-Driver?  Holla!


Sometimes You Just Need to Fold The Sheets Together.

The parental crank factor was running high this morning, with nighttime sick kiddo wakeups, a mountain of yesterday’s (washed but unfolded) laundry and arguments revolving around who would go to the gym first.  Our intervention came in the form of collective sheet folding.  Meeting in the middle with a kiss gave us a strong dose of much needed Saturday morning perspective.

Sometimes you just need to remember where it all began. 


Sometimes You Just Need To Let Them Push.

I think I may have unlocked the treasure trove for successful parental survival.  The key lies in role-reversal, caffeine, and minimal mama-energy expenditure.

The switch-a-roo works for mama too.  Who knew?


Sometimes You Just Need To Chant a Family Cheer.

We have a family cheer.  It pretty much consists of the following sing-songy phrases:


The family cheer is an incredibly effective war breaker in our house.  Lucia can’t contain herself when I bust out one of those spread eagle cheerleader jumpy things in our kitchen, and we all laugh at Adrian’s interesting pronunciation of our family name (Hermino).

Sometimes these kiddos make me cheer inwardly.  Today was one of those days.

Winning.  Most definitely, winning.