Upcycled Underoos

Who remembers underoos?

upcycled underoos girls dress marino bambinos sewing

I proudly rocked them in the early 8o’s, and now Lucia P is too.

upcycled dress

I made this dress out of completely recycled materials.

sewing girls dress

The black knit skirt was made from a bathrobe that I wore while preggie with both kiddos.  The apron and ruffle sleeves were made from a skirt that I bought while living in Hawaii.  The over-sized pom-pom trim is from my mom’s vintage sewing box and the tank is straight out of the 80’s.  It is definitely stitched with memories.

upcycled girls dress

Lucia says “it’s awesome”, and insisted on styling it with my wonderbolt glasses.

underoos to girls dress

I wonder how much longer she will love my homemade creations for?

sewing girls dress (2)

It passed the twirl test. Phew.  I’m glad that I took the time to add a ruffle trim.

girls underoos dress

Love is walking hand in hand.

Love is Walking Hand In Hand Dress

And having this little peanut beside me.


Mama Dress to Girls Dress – Kids Clothes Week {Summer}

I once loved this dress by Hazel Clothing, but my improper laundering stretched it into an official potato sack.  So I chopped it up to recycle into a dress for my best girl.  I played around with the fabric (a lot) and ended up creating a large pocket, which I sewed onto a black camisole.  I gathered the bottom portion of the dress to create a skirt and attached it to the cropped camisole.  I also added a few hanging ribbons for fun.  The dress stretched the camisole a bit too much, which I fixed by cutting the straps to create tie straps.   It was quick and easy, and I’m a sucker for beautiful pre-existing hemlines!

Repurposing women's dress to girl's dress sewing kids clothes week

The Little Lady was instantly pleased with her new dress.

girls dress kids clothes week sewing

And her flying little brother too.

kids clothes week sewing girls summer dress

Lucia kept it on for our usual evening outdoor antics (yes, her brother is wearing his sister’s unicorn crocs).  Their latest includes something they coined chalk smashing: drawing pictures, scribbling all over them, sweeping the colors together and rolling around in their new creation.

painting with chalk kids clothes week

I’m pretty sure that this dress passed the LP test.

kids clothes week simple girls sewing dress

Big thanks to kids clothing week for helping me dust off the old machine once again.


Men’s Sweater to Kids Clothes DIY

1)  Dig through husband’s unworn clothing stash and claim stake on a non-scratchy sweater.

2)  Cut the arms off the sweater and cut down top of the inner seams about 8 inches.

3)  Turn the sleeves inside out and sew together along the seams.  Fold down and sew the waistband to form an elastic casing.

4)  Watch husband weird it out in semi-sleeveless sweater.

5)  Cut off the bottom half of the sweater to repurpose into a girl’s skirt.  Create an elastic waist, as seen on the toddler pants.
6)  Make a simple bow tie and head band.  Voila, new clothes!

From T-Shirt to Sundress.

Last night I sewed one of my old T-shirts into a sundress for my girl, using this awesome Prudent Baby tutorial.  I was worried that my Lucia wouldn’t go for the sushi (no pink, glitter, tulle, princesses? The horror!).  But she did! Yay!

I started with this interesting T-shirt that I used to wear prior to carrying and birthing childern:

And turned it into this:

Perfect for summer play:

And dancing:

And twirling:

Hooray for repurposing, and summer, and sundresses!


Granny’s Christmas Skirt repurposed

I found this treasure in one of Granny’s many clothing donation bags. 
I used the material to make a Christmas dress and hair bow for my daughter – and matching shirts for my son and nephew. 
They wore their new outfits today to the girl’s school Holiday party.
The best part about this project was keeping the existing hemline of the skirt, it made the dressmaking easy peasy!
The school party was awesome, with a visit from Santa, presents for all, and 14 little beautiful people singing:        

One of the many reasons why my husband is awesome.

He brought home this crazy curbside creation:  
Ewe, gross.

                                  And turned it into this:

Completely disassembled, rebuilt and repainted.
Beep, Beep, who got the keys to my jeep?

It’s green, it’s free and the kiddos love their tricked out new ride!