Potty Training & Pull-Ups Prize Pack Giveaway {Sponsored}

The littlest Marino is turning into quite the big boy.   It’s hard to believe that in just one month, we’ll be celebrating three joyous years since the day we first met him.  He’ll soon transition into a brand new bed and I’ll be revamping his shared bedroom to reflect a bit more of his growing interests.  Although I’m often nostalgic over tiny baby memories, I am so proud of Adrian’s growing independence.  We’re frequently celebrating what feels like huge milestones in casa Marino, including Adrain’s potty training success (thank you big sister for all your help with this one)!

Three cheers for our big boy!  We’re celebrating every flush!

Pull-Ups has helped support our potty training journey with their Disney character infused products.  Just like the Disney Princesses helped motivate my Lucia Paloma to kick diapers, Adrain is bonkers over the Cars toilet-seat that was sent to him.  He is comfortable in his Cars Pull-Ups and sleeps in them at night.  Since their cool learning designs indicate when he stays dry (designs fade when wet), morning celebrations are now a frequent occurrence.   I’m a huge fan of the Pull-Ups flushable wipes – as mama is the principle tush cleaner-upper over here!

Proudly stating the name of all of  the cars on his new toilet seat.  

We’ve even had the chance to commend Adrian’s efforts in 3D by downloading the Pull-Ups Big Kid App. Since every try deserves a little celebration, children earn virtual stars that are used to unlock special rewards.  This is a cool activity for my praise-seeking toddler because he earns short games with his favorite Disney Characters.  Adrian now asks to see his beloved Buzz Lightyear as soon as he finishes washing his hands. 

Helping Buzz Lightyear to protect the world from space rocks in the Pull Ups Big Kid App

Win It: Pull-Ups is giving away a Pull-Ups prize pack just like the one pictured above (US only and 18+).  This prize includes Pull-Ups training pants, flushable wipes and a Disney toilet seat (winner will specify gender and size).  Enter to win in the below widget and a winner will be selected in one week.

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Find more ways to celebrate every flush on the Big Kid app at pull-ups.com, on facebook and via this fun video

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Expert Potty Training Tips {Sponsored}

In parenting, I often thinks it’s helpful to combine expert opinions with our own philosophies to figure out effective approaches to help our children gain independence, especially when it comes to things like potty training.  I know that many parents want practical guidance, and I’m happy to share a few expert potty training tips gleaned from a teleconference that I took part in last week. 

I had the chance to consult Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton, a well-renowned Miami based pediatrician and Jeannette Kaplun, a parenting expert, author, speaker and award-winning journalist, about common setbacks, approaches and potty training guidance. 

Potty training in today’s society can be unusually demanding and challenging, especially when dealing with things like pre-school deadlines.  I often hear parents searching for some sort of sign or marker within their child to indicate that they are ready to be potty trained.  Some parents believe that there is a correct chronological age to begin training while others examine the child’s developmental stage.  Dr Cotton spoke of the importance of acknowledging the child’s current stage for potty training readiness.  If the child is not bothered by a wet diaper than it may not be the best time to begin the process.  I think that one of the most important messages gleaned is that each child is different – the key is not found in starting at a set age but beginning when the child shows readiness.

I also know that many parents often face regressions.  When my daughter was 27 months old her brother was born, and her potty success hit a significant plateau.  As Jeannette Kaplun explained, regressions often go hand in hand with stress or change in the child’s environment.  Although I knew it was normal when my daughter regressed after her brother was born, it’s always comforting to get expert reinforcement.  Dr. Cotton reminds us that potty training can be stressful for the child and regressions are normal and often happen.

Perhaps the most powerful word repeatably spoken by both experts was patience.  Children often absorb what their parents reflect, and it’s crucial to help maintain a positive association with going to the bathroom.  This involves praise and celebration for every flush  (i.e clapping hands or a sticker on a chart) and never reprimanding accidents when they happen. An attitude of patience also needs to be reinforced with extended family members and care-takers.  Engaging and educating family to work cohesively (about rewards, Pull-Ups and potty training approaches) will help to make the process successful.

To learn more about Pull-Ups and their Every Flush campaign visit their Facebook Fan Page and check out this video.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull-Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. 


Potty Training Tips with Pull-Ups {Sponsored}

I’m by no means a potty training expert (or expert in anything parenting related for that matter).  I am simply a big believer in figuring out what works best for my family.  Pull-Ups is motivating moms to stick with Potty Training, and I’m sharing some of my own tips over the next few months, on behalf of their Madrinas del Baño campaign.

Potty training and many aspects of parenting often come with (well intentioned) advice from others.  Some of us know a friend who trained their kid in one week with absolutely no regressions, or come from cultures that preach training well before the age of two.  I believe in listening to my littles!  For me, that meant introducing a potty when my kiddos started to tug at their diapers or talk about going to the bathroom. It also meant only absorbing advice that truly resonated with me, and that I perceived to be suitable for my child.  I also believe in approaching this milestone with compassion and the understanding that each child is incredibly different. 

When it comes to potty training, the adage it takes a village to raise a child is true.  If your child has an older sibling – put ’em to work!  I partially credit my 5 year old daughter for my son’s potty training success.  Adrian loves to imitate his older sister and she encourages him to go on his potty whenever she needs to go.  When Lucia was in nursery school, I believe that she benefited from her group bathroom trips.  While she was working on her potty training success she knew that all of her little friends were too.  I’m also big on enlisting the help of family, friends and caretakers.  If you have a method that’s working for your child – it is important to stick to your plan and ensure that all support systems are on board.  

Perhaps my favorite tip is enthusiastically embracing the potty talk (at home). I honestly think that it helps to normalize the potty training process if children can lightheartedly converse and giggle about it with their parents and siblings.  One of our favorite books at home is Everybody Poops by Taro Gomi.  We’ve talked about the bodily functions of our children’s favorite characters when the situation calls for it, and many of our favorite songs have been modified to cater to our potty training adventures.  When it comes to potty training – humor helps! 

Just like Pull-Ups Every Flush Campaign, I believe that every try deserves a little celebration! Little ones are built to thrive on praise and encouragement.  Celebrating their efforts (and never reprimanding potty accidents) are huge components of potty training success.  So bring out the bells and whistles, the stickers and rewards.  Check out the below video (and Pull-Ups facebook page) and make your littles feel like cheerleaders, acrobats and virtual balloons are serenading them in the middle of Times Square.  Celebrate every flush!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.