Girl Power: Captain Marvel Collectible SteelBook

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Hey, There Captian Marvel fans! We can’t get enough of this powerful hero (girl power all the way!) – and had to join in sharing the news that Captian Marvel is now available in collectible SteelBook format exclusively at Best Buy.

This sci-fi action film, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck is the latest offering from the American comic books by Marvel Comics. The narrative follows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), an Air Force pilot who experiences a freak accident that somehow bestows her with alien superpowers, making her Captain Marvel. With time running out, Captain Marvel joins forces with Nick Fury (Samuel.L Jackson), and together they work to save the planet from a looming war between alien races.

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Healthy Party Recipes Inspired by The Little Prince (+ Fandango Giveaway!)

When I heard that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved book, The Little Prince was being made into a movie, I was delighted.  As a child, I adored the book and its whimsical illustrations.  And who else remembers the mid-’80s TV series, The Adventures Of The Little Prince?  Clearly nostalgic of my childhood, I can’t wait to catch an early preview of the animated film with my sweet boy.  In anticipation of that day, we have some healthy and super simple star-shaped party food recipes to celebrate.

These quick and easy peasy recipes add a special touch to one-on-one time with kiddos, and they are perfect for a Little Prince inspired party.  My little guy gobbled up his Little Prince pineapple fruit pops, and his peanut butter and banana waffle sandwich in lightning speed.  Who doesn’t love their food presented in star form?

Grab the super simple instructions below – along with an exciting giveaway from our partner Fandango!

Star shaped fruit popstar cookie cutter pineapple fruit little prince party popstar waffle peanut butter banana sandwichstar shaped waffle peanut butter and banana sandwichthe best peanut butter and banana sanwich for kids fun food for kids start cookie cutter sandwichwaffle star sandwich for kidsThe Little Prince star party food The Little Prince Themed Party FoodKids Star Party Food Recipekids waffle sandwich fun party food

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A Must See Film: He Named Me Malala on National Geographic

In October of 2012, the world came to know fifteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai, targeted in an assassination attempt by the Taliban for daring to believe that all girls should have the right to an education.  The world rallied around her recovery, and she rose to carry on with her courageous and constant fight for girls education no matter where they are in the world.

The story of Nobel Laureate and activist, Malala Yousafai came to theaters last year, in the documentary film “He Named Me Malala.” Now, viewers globally can tune into the film’s television premiere, when it airs commercial-free on the National Geographic Channel, on Monday, February 29th, in the U.S., and globally, across 170 countries, in 45 languages.

A Phone Call with Malala

This powerful film moved my close friend and me to tears.  It shares an intimate glimpse of Malala’s life – both public and private – with her family, as a student, as a teenager, and as a courageous activist – inviting viewers to see the tremendous potential within themselves.

He Named Me Malala on National Geographic

Tune into the television premiere, access the film’s educational resources and join Malala’s movement to ensure that all girls have access to a quality secondary education.

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Simple Star Wars Maxi Skirt DIY + Fandango Giveaway

DIY Star Wars Skirt

With the return of Star Wars to the big screen this December – what’s a mom to do when her little girl wants to rock the force but the only Star Wars-themed girls’ clothing available are measly T-shirts?

Make her something!

Our super easy-to-make gathered maxi skirt is perfect for a first sewing project.  With an elastic waistband and nearly impossible to mess-up design, this is an instant-gratification sew.

Let’s do it!

  • First, gather your materials. In full disclosure, I’m typically strongly against character-themed fabric – but I will make an exception to support my girl’s Stormtrooper style.  With optional pom pom fringe trim, you’ll just need fabric, 1-inch wide elastic, a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.  Remember to wash (and iron) your fabric first to account for shrinkage.

simple skirt DIY

  • Next, we’re going to measure and cut the fabricMeasure you child’s waist to determine the skirt’s width. We like to double that number to ensure that the skirt gathers nicely. After measuring the length, you’re ready to cut the fabric. Since our skirt is a long maxi skirt style- our fabric dimensions measured 40″ x 25″.  Don’t forgot to account for the elastic-waist casing and hem by leaving approximately 1 1/2″ extra fabric on the length.
  • If you have a serger, serge the fabric edges, or use a zigzag stitch on a regular machine like I did to prevent fabric fraying on the inside.
  • Then fold the material in half (with the inside of the fabric facing out), pin together and sew the seam.

Star Wars Fabric

  • I know you want to skip ironing (don’t!).  Take the time to iron the seam open.
  • Now you’re ready to create the casing for the waistband by folding the fabric over and ironing it.

Storm Trooper Fabric

  • Pin and stitch the waistband, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic.
  • Cut the elastic (leaving an extra inch or so to account for sewing the waistband together).

easy to sew skirt

  • Secure a safety pin to the end of the elastic and pull it through the casing.
  • Overlap the elastic ends and stitch together with multiple zigzag stitches.

how to sew an elastic waist skirtDSC_1180

  • Sew the waistband opening shut.
  • Fold the fabric to create the skirt hem (about 1/4″), iron it down, pin, and sew.
  • That’s it! Unless you want to add a fun trim like pom poms – simply arrange the trim in place, cut the the trim and sew.

Galaxy Ready!

Star Wars Simple Maxi Skirt DIYPom pom trim skirt DIYStar Wars SkirtSimple Skirt DIY

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May the force be with you friends!

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A Call With Malala

Tonight on International Day Of The Girl, I tucked both my daughter and son to bed with visions of a world where all girls can paint their hopes and dreams in vivid color and light.

Hopes For International Day of the Girl

There is so much work that needs to be done. Globally there are 124 million children who are not in school and girls are first to be excluded. I recently shared my thoughts on the film “He Named Me Malala” and its power to inspire and engage the activist within everyone to join the film’s movement.  It has been a rewarding and enlightening project to participate in the film’s promotion – and a true honor to be granted a phone interview with Malala and other film ambassadors.

Fittingly introduced as “our fearless leader,” listening to Malala’s passion, purpose, and humility radiate through the phone lead me to tears.  She spoke of the amazing relationship with her father, teacher and founder of her Pakistani school – and his ability to instill in her that girls should have the right to education, independence, and forward thinking – despite the social climate.  “He did not clip my wings,” she said.  While Malala’s mother instilled wisdom saying “It is your duty to tell the truth, whatever happens don’t worry, tell the truth.”

A Phone Call with Malala

Malala continues to use her platform as an education advocate while drawing attention to crucial issues worldwide.  She described opening a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon on her 18th birthday as one of the best days of her life and asked leaders to respond by “thinking about their own children.”

Let’s not forget her visits to Nigeria as part of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and her Nobel Peace Prize win to which she said, “It was not that I won the Nobel Peace Prize – Children won it that year.”

A Phone Call With Malala

Malala had several message for girls: “It is important for girls to believe in themselves, there is no limit, they can do anything” and “it is important to know your responsibility and believe in yourself.”

On this International Day Of The Girl – join in the movement and stand #WithMalala. See the film, and engage in the conversation #WithMalala #HeNamedMeMalala.  Utilize this helpful parent discussion guide to talk about the film with kids.

I was not compensated for this post.  Second and third images via Fox Searchlight.


He Named Me Malala

Exactly three years ago this month, the world came to know fifteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai.  Her name was murmured over and over and over again – in prayer – in outcry – in hope for a full recovery from the gunshot wounds inflicted by the Taliban in an assassination attempt. All because she spoke for the right of education for all girls in her native Swat Valley of Pakistan.

Not only did Malala recover, but she also carried on with her courageous fight for girls education worldwide.  She became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  And her 18th birthday was marked by opening a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon while calling on world leaders to invest in “books not bullets.”  Malala is passion and purpose personified.  She is truly a symbol of hope for social change and a pillar for girls’ and women’s rights worldwide.

prodshots-16 copy.jpg

Her story is one that needs to be known and is compellingly captured by Oscar-winning documentary director Davis Guggenheim in the film He Named Me Malala.  The incredible film, newly in theaters, shares an intimate glimpse of Malala’s life – both public and private – with her family, as a student, as a teenager, and as a powerful activist.

He Named Me Malala

At this time, my young children don’t know Malala’s full story – but they do know her name and her devotion to education.  Someday they will read her book and see this film.  And perhaps one of the things that I love most about “He Named Me Malala” is the brilliant captures of ordinary life  – because this particular type of storytelling allows viewers to see the potential within themselves.


Watch the official trailor above and join in the conversation #WithMalala and #HeNamedMeMalala on Twitter and Instagram (@MalalaFund).  Stay in touch with Malala’s work via The Malala Fund.

I was not compensated for this post in any way.  It is an honor to be an ambassador to the film.   All images via Fox Searchlight.