To Grandmother’s House We Go

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Winter Wonderland

We were just beginning to feel like we’ve officially had it with winter….

NYC snow, Winter wonderland, polar vortex

When we were pleasantly surprised with pretty glorious weather.  Temperatures warm enough to lure us to the playground.  Air that hinted of warm seasons to come.

The slush and forgotten snow boots didn’t seem to bother the children, and we all enjoyed soaking in the late-winter sun.

nyc playground winter sun at the playground

The return to our local playground was so refreshing – I felt myself truly seeing my children and joining them in the wonder inherent in being a kid.


A Golden State of Mind

This morning’s fresh blanket of snow, and continued media furor over the sinister “polar vortex” made me reflect upon our indoor winter.  Although, we are still out and about on our feet, trudging through slush, squeezing into jam-packed trains – this winter will most definitely be marked by our time spent indoors.

I’ve mentioned before that if every stage of childhood weren’t so incredible, I would feel paralyzed by the thought of leaving each beautiful year behind.  These two characters play so fiercely, concocting elaborate stories all day long.  Their steadfast sibling bond is truly heartwarming, and I live for these fleeting moments that etch together childhood.


One of the greatest gifts that they have given me is the ability to see through them – an optimistic eagerness for practically everything that they encounter.  The new day ahead.  An afternoon of play.  Their perspective is refreshing and one in which I try to emulate.

Geo Fox T shirts Geo Fox Apparel

We recently received some clothes from Geo Fox Apparel, a modern children’s clothing line that seems to capture the essence of cool kids perfectly.  Lucia, the budding fashion lover, isn’t afraid to boldly declare that she is, in fact, a ninja warrior.  And Adrian my sweet boy continually shows me the bright side of each day.

Wishing you all a golden state of mind.

Special thanks to Geo Fox Apparel for the clothing samples. Opinions, as always, are my own.


Finding My Center

I love that you’re always so happy to see me at school pick-up.  When I’m up on the ramp, looking down at all the grown-ups, some are mad or sad or looking at their phones.  But you, you’re happy and silly and I love when you put your sunglasses on upside down.  I love seeing your face too mom”.

My first-grade daughter had no idea of how poignant her tender words were a few months ago. She had no idea how it felt to hear her clearly articulate something that I already knew about parent/child relationships on that fall afternoon.  Something as simple as looking into my loved ones eyes and being fully present in that moment is what truly matters.

Little ones are observers by nature.  They want to watch our pet fish devour their food after each feeding.   They want to feel the crunch of fresh leaves or touch each mound of snow on our daily walks home from school.  And it’s typically these sort of subtle gestures that stop me in my tracks and pull me to reflect on the sort of intentional life that I want to live. being present in motherhood I’ve made a concerted effort to identify when I’m feeling rushed or distracted at times when I shouldn’t be.  Realistically, I know that there will still be frantic school mornings in our future.  As a work-from-home mother, I know that there will be moments when electronic screens have my attention when I’d rather give it to my family.

I think that we all need moments to find our center and re-focus on the present moment.  And as mothers, we often need to be reminded of self-care so we can better care for our loved ones.  Over the past few years, I’ve identified certain things that I can do to help live a more authentic life.

    • Reflect on gratitude: This one is simple.  A few moments to reflect on the positive can work wonders.
    • Nurture relationships and authentic friendships: I’m grateful for partnership in marriage and steadfast friendships.  Taking time to nurture these special relationship is crucial.
    • Exercise: Taking care of my body physically helps to nourish my mind.
    • Eat well: Fueling my body with healthy food is important to my overall well being.  I believe in the power of breakfast and beginning each day with a solid start – Kellogg’s Special K is one of my morning favorites.
    • Pursue a special interest: Cultivating my creative interests is important to me.  I find pleasure in seeing a sewing or handmade project come to life.  I also enjoy learning about photography.

I’m grateful to wrap up this series with Team Kellogg’s with a helpful meditation tip that I’ve started to implement into my own daily life:

Albeit challenging days, motherhood continually calls me to be fully present.

Motherhood reminds me that right now is what matters most.

For more helpful tips from Team Kellogg’s visit:

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Compensation was provided by Kellogg’s via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kellogg’s.


Family Art

I’m always searching for ways to cure the collective crank-factor.  Especially when polar-vortex induced cabin fever sets in.  When the kids were babies, water-play worked wonders as did anything involving an epic mess.

Thankfully, we always have art on our side.  Over the past few years, I’ve seen the kids express things through art before even having the means to articulate their feelings.  There’s nothing quite like watching little ones immersed in smearing cool finger paint, or proudly describe their latest creation.  The children have a pretty amazing example in their father too.

Instead of setting the kids up with supplies, we’ve been stretching a roll of paper across the floor to make something that we all contribute to.


Family art night has worked wonders on all of our spirits.

Art absolutely = peace for everyone



For quite some time, I’ve encourage Lucia and Adrian to spend time reading together without me.  But like most things, these little occurrences need to happen organically.  Lately, I’ve noticed Lucia’s reading confidence soar, and the most beautiful sibling storytime develop.  Adrian loves the short stories that Lucia brings home from school every day and I adore being the quiet observer.


This sweet sibling bond brings me indescribable joy.