Leading the way

Yesterday’s rain ruined our playground plans.  Our bag was packed with pails, chalk and bubbles.  The kiddletts were all suited up in their bathing suits and water shoes.  They looked out the window with wide sad eyes.

So I took out the finger paints, watching Adrian smile as he smeared the paint on paper and then all over his diaper. I put paper bags on the floor and let Lucia paint with her toes.  She was thrilled! It was messy and fun.

Then Lucia had an idea.  A family art project with Mama’s footprints in the middle.  I covered her feet with blue paint and she stomped on the paper.  Then we painted Adrian’s green, imprinting his cute little feet on the paper.  My red footprints were last, in between my two children’s.

I looked at our artistic collaboration, overwhelmed with the blessings around me.  Our rendering represented a palpable reminder of the tremendous responsibility that I have as “mama.”  A title that I am so very lucky to have.

A reminder that I must chose my own steps so carefully and soundly because two sets of tiny little feet are trailing right behind me.


A letter for my baby boy

Dear Adrian,
Happy first birthday, my little love nugget.
A year ago today, you decided to join us after 10 extra days on the inside.  I delivered you without drugs or pain relief of any kind (except for your father’s hip squeezing technique). It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and by far the most empowering – and sharing in your birth brought your father and I even closer.
And then there was that moment that I want to hold on to forever. That cathartic moment when time seemed to stand still.
The moment I met you.
The thing is that you’ve continued to make our family more cohesive, just by being you.  You’ve added so much to the beautiful chaos that already existed in our home.
I live to hear those squeals of delight when you see your sister in the morning or when she “chases” you.  Your smile is truly heartwarming when you walk with your little walker or when you push a train across the floor saying “go, go, go”.  I love how you crawl with a toy in your mouth like a little puppy, how you point at objects in your books, and the way you “dance” when you hear any kind of music.  I love watching you devour blueberries, black beans, cheese and pasta and seeing your excitement when “Dada” comes home from work at night.Life with you gets more exciting everyday. Just yesterday your Abby taught you to say “ashes, ashes, down” after playing ring around the rosies all morning , and your Poppy taught you to raise your pointer finger when he says “How old is Adrian.”  Although I want to hold on to my baby, I can’t wait to see what each new day unfolds.
Thank you for filling my heart with so much joy for the past 12 months.  I feel like you have been a part of me forever.  Today we are celebrating you, my beautiful little boy and all the magnificent things that you are.
1 Day
1 Year




Operation Beef Up the Roncini

Adrian’s newest nickname coined by Bob is Peperoncini (please say it out loud three times in your best Italian accent for full effect).  I shortened this fabulous nickname to “the Roncini”.

I am so pleased to report that the initial phase of  “Operation Beef  up the Roncini” has been deemed a success! “Fat thigh” and “excellent weight gain” were even muttered by Dr. S during Adrian’s 10 month weight check today.


Besides eating foods drenched in organic flax seed oil, butter or avocado, the Roncini’s current favorite activity is trashing his sisters room in less than three minutes.  Specifically: pulling every single book out of the bookshelf, emptying all of the toys in the toy bins and knocking over everything in sight.  He also enjoys waving at anyone who will wave and smile back and playing “how big is Adrian?” while raising his arms when we say  “SOOO BIG”. The Roncini is keeping me on my toes by pulling up to standing and cruising all day. He also still loves putting everything that he can get his little hands on into his mouth.  LP is definitely his little hero and we’re convinced that he wants to be the spiciest peperoncini just like her!